Astroengine 3.0


Now we’re cookin’… Welcome to the new-look!

As you may have noticed I’ve been a little patchy with blog posts of late and now you can see why. I decided to migrate the entire Astroengine installation to a brand new server after the site suffered some serious downtime after a recent article (“Where is Planet X? Where is Nemesis?“) was slammed by Digg traffic. Now we are on a sparkling new server with a brand new design. I told you this year was going to be a big year for Astroengine, this officially marks the beginning of a new era

After asking readers about suggestions for a new direction in design, it was Darnell Clayton (Colony Worlds) who came up with the winning suggestion. He pointed me in the direction of the designs by Elegant Themes and once I saw a design called StudioBlue, I was hooked. A few modifications later and I arrived at what you see here, Astroengine 3.0. It has a fresher, more magazine/blog vibe, so I hope you like it.

With all the technical stuff calming down, I can now get back to what I’m here for. Expect a tonne of space science articles over the coming months – 2009 is going to be a big year.

Thank you for your support (and patience!).

Cheers, Ian

12 thoughts on “Astroengine 3.0”

  1. Very nice Ian.

    Take some time to kick back and relax while your readers find any bugs 🙂

    Or whine about missing features. 😦

  2. Ian,

    I sorta miss the feature bar.

    Nested comment replies were nice but not critcial. Mind you going back to posts that used them can seem confusing at times.

    my $.02

  3. Looks cleaner and is a little quicker… I see a few of the nice little things here which I have in my blogg (contact form for example). Nice to see for a novice at these sorts of things (me that is) I made some good choices in layout and widgets etc… if now you’re adopting some of them! Cool! Although, I must say, I think I preferred the old colour scheme…

  4. Still a great modern looking site nearly 2 years on. You’re clean display helps the functionality and ease of use, with plugins like Disqus comments keeping things up-to date and efficient. Welldone on expanding and realising the sites potential.

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