Chances of the World Being Destroyed by the LHC is 50:50. Yes, Walter Wagner Is Back!

It’s one of those occasions when you’re not sure whether you should laugh… or hold back your giggling because you realise you’re witnessing some very well produced train-wreck TV.

Oh yes, it can mean only one thing, Walter Wagner is back! But this time, the media came prepared.

They made fun of him.

Yes, it was the Jon Stewart Show, and yes it was satire, but this time the joke was on the crackpot notion that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) could actually cause harm to the world.

The subject of the LHC drove me insane last year (it also annoyed some very high profile physicists); it became almost impossible to report on the research CERN scientists were hoping to carry out, as every day Wagner (with his ‘lawsuit’ craziness) or Rossler (with his ‘infringement of human rights’ nonsense) would pop up, forcing any decent physics article into a defence of the LHC. Needless to say, this annoyed many physicists involved in the LHC, but excited media doomsday headlines into a frenzy of doomsday crackpottery.

Now, Wagner has been caught out and been made a fool of. Although I hate to see anyone in this situation, in this case, I think it is needed. Wagner only has himself to blame. He started these doomsday theories, now it’s up to mainstream comedy shows to debunk his authority on the subject.

Hold on, did he ever have an authority over physics? Oh yes, that’s right. No, he didn’t. He used the media as a tool to gain attention.

On the other hand, physicist Prof. John Ellis is an authority on physics… in fact, he’s the authority on LHC physics. I think I’d put my trust in an evil genius with a PhD and decades of experience, rather than the Caped Wagner Crusader any day.

For more on the subject, check out Ethan’s Starts With A Bang, he has more patience than me and delves into the subject a bit more »

Here’s more LHC goodness if you’re hungry for more »

Source: Gia via Twitter

7 thoughts on “Chances of the World Being Destroyed by the LHC is 50:50. Yes, Walter Wagner Is Back!”

  1. Unfortunately this is not viewable in Canada. The site refers you to the Comedy Network (, but the clip doesn’t seem to be available.

  2. Fuck you and FUCK the LHC. Everyone knows there are risks and CERN has said they will be producing black holes (whether they harm the Earth or not is anyones guess). So go suck Hawking's dick dear, it's probably the only pleasure he will have other than thinking he has spoiled our hopes and dreams, the miserable sod. And for all those reading, live life like there is no tommorow from now on. Smoke if you want, have plenty of sex, spend time with your families and don't bother contributing to pension funds. If you want to boycott the companies who sponsored the LHC, visit their sponsor site (I'm smashing up my Xerox printer and sending it back to them). Physicists SUCK big time. A pox on all of them. First the Atomic Bomb now this. Lets help they all die first, spaghetti style into a big black hole (or lets hope the LHC blows up and takes all the fuckers with it). CHEERS, MotherEarthsupporter

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