A Wide Angle View of Our Nearest Star

A comparison of solar minimum and solar maximum in EUV wavelengths (SOHO/NASA)

In case you were wondering why Astroengine has been a little quiet of late, this is why. I’ve been working with my Discovery Space colleagues to produce a “Wide Angle” all about the current solar minimum, space weather and the influence of the Sun on our planet.

It’s been fun to do, but it’s also been a steep learning curve to get up to speed with my new duties as producer for Discovery. Currently getting through a tonne of training, but I’ll get there. When organized, Astroengine will be back to full capacity, pumping out the best space news and opinion.

But for now, have an explore of Discovery Space and enjoy the current Wide Angle: Solar Minimum.

4 thoughts on “A Wide Angle View of Our Nearest Star”

  1. Sounds like you've been up to some really interesting stuff. I think sun in the blue spectrum is very pretty. Anyways, I checked out the Wide Angle link and that was a good read. Hopefully, we won't have humongous solar maximum's heading our way anytime soon. I think the sun is fascinating due in part to how mysterious it is and in part to it's power. Those solar flares are beautiful pictures, I can't believe they can extend so far. I don't recall the name of the program but I watched an amazing documentary on the sun on television 6 month ago. It was either on PBS or Discovery, my memory is a little hazy. Good luck with the rest of your training.

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