UK Snow: Where Did My Hometown Go?

A Terra Satellite view of the UK snow (NASA)
A Terra Satellite view of the UK snow (NASA)

I just saw this stunning image on Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy and I assumed it was a fancy bit of art… or a computer generated view of glacial Britain… or UK-shaped frosted cake. Nope, it’s the UK as it looks from space, right now.

The UK is experiencing record low temperatures and I just got off the phone to my mum to hear that Bristol (my hometown, somewhere in the south-west of England) hit a bone shattering -15°C low last night. Yikes! And here I am looking out of my office window feeling the heat of the Sun of a 24°C California day. Truth be told, I’m a little jealous, I haven’t felt sub zero cold for years. In fact, the last time I saw negative temperatures in double figures was when I lived in the Arctic in 2002.

For now, I’ll just have to enjoy the view from space and hope this cold spell doesn’t cause too much hassle for my family and friends. My advice: Stay indoors, only go outside if you have a warm local pub within walking distance.

Interestingly, nearly a year ago, I was admiring views taken by the same Terra satellite of the British Isles of the snow fall back then. Needless to say, this year is worse, far worse (but a lot prettier).

11 thoughts on “UK Snow: Where Did My Hometown Go?”

  1. I live in Bristol… yes it is extremely cold… and yes I am taking your advice and am sat in warm local pub x

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