I, For One, Welcome Our New BritSpace Overlords

The Habitation Extension Module (HEM) proposed by UK engineers (University of Bristol)
The Habitation Extension Module (HEM) proposed by UK engineers (University of Bristol)

The UK has started its own space agency (at long last) and the agency has a logo. The latter is the big news here.

At a time when motivation for manned spaceflight by NASA is dwindling and yet private industry is forcing its foot in the door of getting stuff into space, it’s nice to hear that the UK government felt the need to keep up with the rest of the world and set up an agency of their own. That’s not to say the UK hasn’t been involved in space programs before now, it’s just that our involvement has always been a piecemeal approach; hitching rides on other nation’s rockets with occasional probes (erm, well, the Mars Beagle 2 lander is the only one that comes to mind). Personally, I blame Maggie Thatcher (I have my reasons).

Awesome, so we now have an agency rather than an office cubicle tagged “Space.” This is a bona fide agency that has lunar aspirations (yep, really, we’re that original) and a funky logo to boot.

However, not everyone is impressed with the logo. In fact, Ken Carbone, a graphic designer who writes for the website Fast Company, thinks it’s dull:

The design recipe is simple, right? Take a square, add a Union Jack, thrust an arrow through it and BAM!

This logo is anything but tasty. The net result looks terribly fractured and unstable. Not the ideal visual for space flight.

To make matters worse, the U.K. Space Agency will have the inevitable and unfortunate acronym “U.K.S.A.” which sounds like something translated into Pig Latin.

But say if “fractured and unstable” is exactly the impression we were trying to give, huh? But, in all fairness, he does point out that all space agency logos are dull.

Let’s have a look the offending logo. Prepare yourself, it’s a disgrace:

Woah! Hold on a second. I thought it was supposed to be crap? As far as logos go, that’s one I can believe in. I mean, it’s a re-worked version of our proud national flag. It also has a gert red arrow, pointing up. What more do you need?

Admittedly, I think the acronym isn’t much cop. U.K.S.A. sucks cheese, “BritSpace” is far superior in my humble opinion (Science Minister Lord Drayson, consider that a suggestion), but as for the logo, I’m proud of that, I think it means business. Look at that arrow. It’s red. Pointing up. Masculine. Grrr.

That’s the logo of an aspiring space faring nation if I ever saw one.

And now for my least favorite space agency logo. Ladies and Gentlemen, please avert your eyes for the Croatian Space Agency:

But hey, what do I know, I’m not a graphic designer.

In all honesty, I like the UKSA logo, but I’m especially happy that the UK actually has an agency now rather than being just a player in the European Space Agency (ESA). But will it motivate a solution to the summering STFC debacle? That remains to be seen.

6 thoughts on “I, For One, Welcome Our New BritSpace Overlords”

  1. Ummm… errr…. sorry to disagree, but the UKSA acronym, and logo are rather a mashup of angles and disjointed colors that don't really do anything except one's teeth on edge. But it's better than the last logo, for the Hockey Series of Antarctica?

  2. That Croatian Logo belongs on a firework. How did they get into space anyway? I have long thought it an embarrassment that we have had virtually no space programs running from the UK. We built the Lightening and we built the Concorde both capable of in excess of 60,000 feet, yet we never had a viable rocket program. It is about time to catch up with the French.

  3. its kind of hard to distinguish a real photo in nature from an enhanced photo…like the theory or even the rumour of a planet X..actually i dont think it is an actual planet per say..but i do believe i know an X that exist…able to ..well.. how can i put this…somethings that microsoft corporation may feel they produced..inspired..or created..already was…and..well..(this is my opinion)…no use really in me writing hints on these websites …i guess we really all need to be thankful for nature and technology both present-past and future..or actually ..none of a lot of things would be in existence right now..and by the way…(again my opinion)…what you see in a hubble image..might not exactly be accurate…and as for that dark matter-dark energy…how simple can it be..its obvious if you think about it…what you call the big-bang…light–matter—-out of what the scientist say is nothing?…maybe they are getting a slo-mo look at that so-called big-bang as it spread out and formed the universe..(again.my opinion)…where the dark-space is they see.BAM-and they call it dark energy-dark matter….i still giggle when i think of scientist calling the beginning of the universe-the big-bang…but ofcouse im not a scientist….but i have seen the universe in a way.no other ever will…i have a feeling this comment will stir up a good many laughs..i am smiling too..as i type these words….buy i feel the energy of the universe understands me-and wont be mad at me-cause we know im a silly heart…and i think they know that there will be no harm by me typing how i view the universe..

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