Israel ‘Meteorite’ Isn’t a Meteorite [UPDATE]

That's no space rock: The Israeli 'meteorite' that never was (Ilan Lilush, Tel Aviv Police).
That's no space rock: The Israeli 'meteorite' that never was (Ilan Lilush, Tel Aviv Police).

UPDATE (April 25): The unidentified combustible object has been identified as being “man made” rather than anything cosmic in origin.

“It is definitely not a meteor and not a different natural substance – somebody created it, and it did not appear from outer space,” said Ittai Gavrieli of the Geological Survey of Israel when reporting after analysis of the ‘meteorite.’

Also, it looks like my original assertion that this resembled an incendiary device wasn’t far off. This object contained high quantities of phosphorus, a chemical commonly used in incendiary weapons.

“The object had high concentrations of phosphorus, which is naturally ignited when it comes in contact with air and with inflammatory material,” Gavrieli added.

However, I still stand by my theory that the Moonpeople are behind it.

(Once again, thanks Avi for keeping me in the loop of these meteorite misadventures!)

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ORIGINAL POST: It has all the hallmarks of being a meteorite: It’s on fire! There’s smoke! Hell, even the BBC is reporting about it!

That’s right, isn’t it? When a chunk of rock flies through the Earth’s atmosphere it burns bright, sometimes exploding during re-entry, scattering the ground like a hellish incendiary device? Scary stuff if you’re standing underneath the cosmic fireball.

It seems that some surfers on the beach near the town of Bat Yam, near Tel Aviv, Israel had a lucky escape when an unidentified-smoldering object punched a hole through a surfboard and then sat, for some time, burning amongst the seashells. Lots of excitement ensued, and the whole event was captured on videophone. The Israeli police are investigating, saying the unidentified object “fell from the sky.”

However, looking at the video above, that’s no meteorite.

Sure, when a chunk of space rock enters the Earth’s atmosphere it produces light and flame due to atmospheric ram pressure heating the outer layers, producing a trail of ionized gas. But it’s also worth remembering that space rock is very cold (as it’s been deep frozen in space), so the brief heating during re-entry will not heat the cold rock up substantially when it makes landfall, definitely not enough to make it combust when it lands. Re-entry happens for a very short time, although the shell of the meteorite might heat up a little, the insides of the meteorite remain very cold. Even if the rock was heated up during those few fiery seconds of re-entry, it will decelerate very quickly, falling to the ground at terminal velocity. This would have the effect of cooling it down some more.

In fact, it’s been reported that frost has formed on meteorites as soon as they land. That’s radically different to what we’re seeing here.

Even if this could possibly be a meteorite, what’s burning? Last time I checked, space rock didn’t burn like a firework and produce smoke like a signal flare. And meteorites certainly don’t contain any nitroglycerin. That is unless the Moonpeople are throwing bombs at us again, but I’ll save that theory for another day.

Thanks Avi Joseph for pointing me to this video!

13 thoughts on “Israel ‘Meteorite’ Isn’t a Meteorite [UPDATE]”

  1. Actually, the last time i saw something that looked like that “meteorite” and burned like hellfire,was on a dvd about sulphur. A DVD about sulphur that rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah, to be exact. A quick look in the Bible (Genesis chapter 19) and a close look at society today makes me question…….is judgement closer than we think? Maybe…… I, for one won't be buying the “meteorite theory”. Time to look at our lives and search for the right paths, I think.

  2. I was surprised to hear the comments of the spectators of the ball that fell from the sky. Also the intensity of the flame seemed to melt the shell, the smoke billowing from such a small object was humongous. Imagine thousands maybe millions of those objects falling into the same area like hailstones, just the smoke would kill the inhabitants. maybe that's is what happened in Sedom and the other four cities around the Yam Ha Melech. In the days of Avraham Avinu. Mah atah omer???? I remember when the Locusts invaded Eilat an Hour before Shabbos. The datiim downplayed it as though it never happened. The hailstones that fell in the Galil was downplayed again, Why?????????? Because the datiim said HaShem does not send plagues into Israel. But!!!!!! He did!!!! Denial does not take away the fact. We know that the rashaiim are prevalent in the land and these are not the goiim. Theft, lies and deceit run rampant among the people of HaShem. As it was in the days of Sedom ve Amorrah maybe HaShem is now saying it is time to return to His ways, to leave the way of the rashaiim. If this little ball was not man made then the people of HaShem have to wake up and search what is written in the Book of all books, The Tanach. The Rabidical people do not have the answers for their talmidim nor for Izrael. But!!! the Tanach does. But!!!!!Izrael can become Israel as HaShem intended. See Fundementley Fraund Arutz Sheva 2005-2007 for more detail…… From Nov.8th 2005 to today Jan 3rd 2006,our hospitals and clinics have taken the lives of more than 8000 children,who are not considered as human beings..why are they not classified as humans???because they are not yet outside the womb…These lives are taken seven days a week with no sabbath rest…These children are from religious and non religious parents..and there is not a tear shed for them.. We continue to complain at what the arabs are planning,they kill one person here and there,or we talk about what they have done..And Yet!!It still does not amount to what we do daily…in hospitals and clinics… The leaders are spoken about and against with all venom,and yet it what they do,does not amount to what is done daily in the hospitals and clinics…. Life is more important than land,soon the earth will reveal all the murders that have been covered up..Single and mass murders .Nothing will be hidden,And!!!!the shelves in the pharmacies and beauty stores will be evidence to the atrocities of the decades that have recently passed… And!!!to those that say with a champaigne like pop and fizz. “Mashiach come now “Question ???How many will be able to stand on that day ,before the King above all kings ???Lord above all lords???The judge of heaven and earth????I am afraid to say not many,,as we greet Him with callogen plastered over our faces and bars of soap made from baby fats in the bathroom closet..Products from the friendly cosmetic factories… Will we learn before it is all too late??? Will we make amends (do tshuva<repent>) Not just the government or the non religious…THIS ALSO INCLUDES THE RELIGIOUS,LIKE MYSELF,ONE WHO WEARS A BLACK KIPPER..NO ONE IS EXCEMPT ,NOT EVEN THE RABIES….. GOOD LUCK!!!! (Sent to Fundementally Freund 03/01/06)

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