Military “Black Ops” on Mars. Really?

The Aram Chaos region of Mars, as seen by the HiRISE camera on board NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (NASA)

There’s a military operation on Mars!

How do we know this? Psychics — or “military grade remote viewers” as they like to be called — “saw” it, and their vision corroborated a Mars satellite photo that shows “man-made domes,” “pipelines” and a “huge nozzle shooting liquid spray.”

That’s according to the guy that runs the Farsight Institute anyway.

Before we get bogged down with the details, let’s get one thing straight: remote viewing is not a scientific tool and has never been proven to work. It is pseudoscience. Sure, the U.S. military became interested in investigating remote viewing as a spying weapon (unsurprisingly, the superpowers were pretty keen on investigating every avenue to spy on the enemy during the Cold War), but funding was withdrawn in the 90’s as it was proven remote sensing was ineffective and any positive results could not be replicated.

Most recently, the U.K.’s Ministry of Defence carried out a suite of experiments on a group of remote viewers to see how their brains reacted during the viewing phase. There appeared to be no measurable change in brain activity, and besides, none of the psychics tested could access the desired targets anyway, rendering the whole thing pointless.

But these facts don’t seem to dissuade Dr. Courtney Brown from trying to justify a scientific basis for his “Evidence for Artificiality on Mars” presentation. Not surprisingly, one of the Examiner’s “Exopolitics” writers is very exited about this non-research, saying, “An apparent active industrial site on the surface of Mars with a “large nozzle shooting a liquid spray” onto an apparent industrial waste area has been successfully located and explored in a remote viewing study conducted by the Farsight Institute in March 2010 using nine highly trained remote viewers and methodologies developed by the U.S. military.”

Here’s the region of Mars we’re talking about, helpfully labeled to show the targets for the remote viewers. These targets are obviously highly suspicious, they look nothing like the rest of the Aram Chaos region of Mars (*squints*):

Take a look at the original Mars Global Surveyor images of the site. It might take a couple of minutes to find the area of interest, which isn’t surprising as it looks like the rest of Mars.

But no, there is something of vast interest in this particular photo. It’s an industrial complex! On Mars! Not inhabited by those pesky aliens we’ve seen hanging out on the Martian surface, but by humans!

Now the remote viewers have their targets, the Farsight Institute carried out some kind of experiment and Dr. Brown — a guy with a book to sell (where have we seen that before?) — discusses the astonishing results. In case you think I’ve eaten a funny-looking mushroom or been lobotomized by a trained hamster, this “evidence” for remote viewing is listed on the Farsight Institute’s webpages. I’m not making this up.

In the Mars orbiter photo (above), a spraying fountain of some “liquid” (target 1a) can be seen. In fact, this is the whole reason why Brown has taken an interest in this region. “We wouldn’t be interested in these domes if it wasn’t for the spray,” he said, “but the spray really caught our attention.” This spray is being ejected by a mountain-shaped dome (target 1b) via a horizontal “pipe.” There is a shadow under the spray indicating it is being ejected at some height. There is also another “highly reflective” dome below the other dome (target 1c). “It looks like it’s made out of some kind of resin material,” Brown remarks.

So, using their psychic powers, the military-grade remote viewers managed to access some fascinating details about the site — they even drew some vague scribbles of their visions.

These are my favorite conclusions from this fascinating experiment:

The artificial structures on Mars were originally built by ancient builders and the current occupants do not understand its technology. They need spare parts, but don’t have any. The mystery technology in operation generates power and there are intense flashing lights at the site. The occupants on site — of which there are more men than women — are despondent (because there are more men than women? Because no one knows they’re there? There’s no good coffee in the canteen? Just guessing). The occupants, assumed to be human, are in a lot of hardship and they aren’t allowed to return home.

Apart from sounding like a sweat house scene ripped straight from an 18th Century Jane Austin novel, the very idea the U.S. military has some kind of black operation on the Red Planet is hilarious. But to single out one tiny region of the planet by pure chance (because Brown thinks he sees a pipe gushing water over the landscape) and creating a fantasy world using zero logical thought is amazing to me.

The “gushing fluid” feature could be any one of a huge number of geological features. To me, it looks like a landslide; lighter material that has been dislodged, causing rubble to tumble down the slope. It could even be ice mixed in with regolith after an avalanche, ice crystals falling from the top of the mesa (a hill; not what Brown describes as anything man-made) scattering over the darker colored material further down the slope.

The shadow Brown points to is not caused by this “spraying liquid” feature, it’s simply darker-colored material in the Martian soil. There goes that theory. As for the other suggestions of man-made structures… well, that’s just Brown’s vivid imagination. I’m finding it hard to see any man-made domes. They’re just hills.

This crazy theory could be picked at for hours, but I’m still in amazement that people like Brown can discuss a subject like this with such conviction. There is overwhelming evidence that easily debunks the idea that there is an industrial complex on Aram Chaos. Unfortunately, for people peddling their pseudo-scientific ideas, common sense and logical thought seem to be concepts they have trouble grasping.

via Universe Today and SciGuy

18 thoughts on “Military “Black Ops” on Mars. Really?”

  1. Now we need the government to come clean and tell us what they are up to. It is never good to allow the government/miltary carry out these kinds of missions without public oversight. Makes you wonder what else they are up to.

  2. Well, if you check the lower right you will find the stage set number…cross reference this with the faked moon site stage, you will find that this is a unionized conspiracy to divert NASA funding for….ouch, my head hurts…

  3. Actually the MOD tested its experiment on people with NO remote viewing experience – therefore why should we expect any level of accuracy from these. Test form the 70s-90s showed that only `% of the population had 'great' rv talent.Also your quote 'has never been proven to work' is incorrect. Even skeptic Richard wiseman said:”I agree that by the standards of any other area of science that remote viewing is proven, but begs the question: do we need higher standards of evidence when we study the paranormal? I think we do.”If it didn't work – do you really think theyd have spent millions on its research for 23+ years?

    1.  I asked him this once on a discovery article (with the exact same quote and everything) and the answer I got was “Yes” he does believe the government would invest millions/billions of dollars and decades worth of research on it for nothing.

  4. scientific skepticism is the greatest impediment to knowledge.It is clear, that when ever the unexplained is obvious to most, to be unmistakably real, then instantly out comes the nervous academic liars, using every dirty trick in the book to undermine the truth.NASA has been lying to the public on a regular basis from it's very beginnings.The truth is all but obsolete….WARO

  5. Well isn't this nice another money hungry book writer and what's so sad people will buy these books hoping it's true when it's not and the joker is making money and what I call the joker is really a joke on us the gullible public how sad the writer has to make money this way instead of writing the truth and well heck he couldn't make money could he.More power to him I guess I'd rather stick with the real stories vampires on the run lol that's not true either people.Geez get a job people don't be so gullible look for the real not the fake.

  6. With my eyes closed the whole planet of mars looks black. Therefore it is ridiculous to call mars the “red planet”. Next I shall move on to name calling and ridicule. Are you a professional journalist..really?

  7. You should read “The Field”, Ian. It offers some compelling evidence for the truth of remote viewing. Of course, that doesn’t prove anything with regard to this particular case. I’m just saying maybe you shouldn’t be so quick to write it off completely.

  8. I have no idea whether the story about covert ops happening on mars, but Remote Viewing isn’t a pseudoscience, and it does work. It’s been proven to work, and provided actionable intelligence on several occasions.

    There were political realities that occurred when the story about military RV got out – there is WAY more to the story, plus it should occur to anybody who is astute that the military often lies about such things. The programs were moved and named were changed but the work continues.

  9. Read the books I have in reference to remote viewing.
    With the proper protocalls in place it is approx. 80% accurate.

  10. What about all the structures that have been spotted on Mars.  I saw a whole like ten minute video about it just the other day.  I know it could be a hoax, but it was pretty darn convincing.

  11. look im not sayin that there is a colony on mars , but the US govt spends a qtr of a trillion dollars on secret projects…..yet we no longer use the space shuttle ? tells me they have other means of gettin around space .. they wont release this info to the general public until they can no longer hide it . its that simple .   whos to say they cant do this …the space shuttle was 1970s technology still being used 30 yrs later , i find it hard to believe we ddnt over come gravity and
    switched to magnetic propultion….

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