Upcoming Radio Interviews for July

Following all the fun from chatting on Terra Chat with Colin Knight on June 8th and then Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack on June 10th, I’ve been invited back to discuss the 2012 craziness plus some other great topics. I’ll give more details closer to the time, but here’s what I have so far:

Thank you to both Jack and Colin for inviting me back, I’m very excited to be talking with them again this month…


Watch out Phoenix! Don’t Scratch the CD!

Abrasive – Phoenix sprinkles regolith into the oven (NASA/UA)

I’ve just written an article over on the Universe Today about the stunning discovery that Mars regolith actually bears very close resemblance to terrestrial soil. This is very cool as this shows Mars may be capable of sustaining life (as we know it) and it has implications for the future of manned Mars missions (we might be able to use this mineral-rich soil for growing plants for instance). So rather than replicating the article here, I urge you to pop over to the Universe Today article (Phoenix: Mars Soil Can Support Life) and enjoy (I was quite proud of pointing out the huge difference between “soil” and “regolith” in the final paragraph!). But that’s not the point of this Astroengine post, I have a far more pressing issue to voice…
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Carnival of Space Week 60 – Slacker Astronomy

For the big week six-oh, we take a novel approach at doing the Carnival, and I must admit, I found it quite entertaining. Over at Slacker Astronomy, the 60th Carnival of Space, our host Michael takes the week’s news from the blogosphere and literally hard-wires it straight onto the web. Every week we send Fraser our little messages with a link to our little works of web space text, and each week those messages get lost in the host’s inbox. Not any more! For the world to see, Michael has lovingly displayed our messages, plus links. Good on you Michael, I was wondering how this week’s Carnival could stand out from the crowd. Some great entries too! Plus my entry is right near the top! Happy days 🙂

Paranormal Radio’s “2012 Just Another Day” Show Now Available (Update)

On June 10th, I was invited on Captain Jack’s Paranormal Radio show to chat about the various 2012 Doomsday scenarios. We had a great time for three hours talking about everything from the Mayan calendar and Planet X to the Phoenix Mars Mission and Saturn. The show has just been made available as an MP3 that should be easy to listen to on your podcast-grabbing equipment, or your favorite media player on your computer.

Download the Paranormal Radio “2012 Just Another Day” show with Captain Jack and myself:

Enjoy! And in case you missed it, the first radio show I did with Colin Knight on Terra Chat (dated June 8th) is still online.

I’ve been invited back to both Paranormal Radio and Terra Chat for future shows, so I’ll post any news as I get it.

Carnival of Space Week 59 @Green Gabbro

Hinode X-ray observation of a solar sigmoid (David McKenzie/Montana State University)

We’re on week 59 of the Carnival and we have a great edition this week over with Maria Brumm at Green Gabbro. From black holes that go “bweep!” to the end of the Universe, we have everything! I’ve entered my solar article about the detection of axions, a possible component of dark matter.

Go to Green Gabbro end enjoy the rich mix of cosmic goodness…

NASA and Disney-Pixar Promote Space Exploration with WALL-E

WALL-E - the very cute face of NASA public outreach (© Disney-Pixar)
As a science public outreach advocate, I am totally behind a new deal between NASA and animation experts Disney-Pixar. Using the new movie WALL-E, a story about the last robot-rover on Earth exploring space (with all the fuzzy, heart-warming Disney stuff in between), NASA has signed a deal with the film making heavyweight to promote NASA’s science and technology to school children. Too many times have I seen kids cartoons characters used to sell junk food, this move is very refreshing. Promoting science education though a cute robot is great in my books and may dispel any doubts in the younger generation that space exploration is dull.

Great move NASA, looks like a superb film Pixar! WALL-E will be released in the US on June 27th and in the UK on July 18th…
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Carnival of Space Week 58 @Universe Today

Space fuel depot concept

This week’s space escapades are being held over at my online hangout, the Universe Today. As always, everyone has put in a sterling effort and come up with some great stories. I’m especially taken with Rob’s Orbiting Frog entry, “How many astronomers does it take to screw-in a lightbulb?” (the physicist’s one is very true!).

I entered my article “The Case of the Supermassive Black Hole, the Infrared Object and Perceived Accuracy of Science“.

Get over the the Universe Today!

Tonight, Live at 9pm EST (2am GMT): I’m a Guest on Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack!

Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack logo
In my second invitation onto a live chat show, I’ll be joining Captain Jack over at Paranormal Radio. With an added twist, this show will not only be live over the web, it will be airing across the airwaves of Seattle. It will be a 2.5 hour show, so there will be a lot of time to discuss the 2012 doomsday prophecies as well as my views on the alleged “science” behind the end of the world theories. There is likely to be some heated debate, and you have the opportunity to phone in too. Check out the links below.

Tuesday, June 10th, 21:00 US Eastern Time (02:00 GMT, Wednesday morning)
Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack.
Show details »
Listen Live » (or Seattle on 106.9 FM HD Channel 3)

Thank you Captain Jack and his team for inviting me on the show, I’m looking forward to it!

Terra Chat Show Hosted by Colin Knight Now Online

If you missed Coln Knight’s Terra Chat (at Blog Talk Radio) show last night with me as his special guest, the hour-long interview is now online ready to be listened to at your leisure. You can navigate to Terra Chat and find out the details there, and then play the archived mp3.

Be sure to check out Colin’s efforts, he has a wide range of subjects open to discussion and you and participate by calling in and posing your own questions.

Thank you Colin for inviting me to Terra Chat, I had a great time discussing the Mayan Prophecy and all the details surrounding the science and the myth.

The mp3 file is available on Astroengine for download.

Upcoming Radio Interviews!

Monkey is very excited about his radio debut

I have two interviews coming up in the next few days. I was approached by Terra Chat on Blog Talk Radio (Canada) to have a chat on Colin Knight’s show on Sunday June 8th. Then on Tuesday June 10th, I’ll be on Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack (USA). These great invites came in response to my articles on the Mayan 2012 Prophecy and the various doomsday ideas that have been seeded from the worry surrounding the end of the Mayan calendar. Although this isn’t my specialist subject, I’m sure it will generate a good discussion! Be sure to check out the links below, hopefully you’ll be able to listen live, or even call in!

Broadcast details:

Thank you to both presenters for inviting me on their shows!