A Fractal Representation of Pi… In a Crop Circle

The 150 metre diameter crop circle in Wiltshire, UK (© Apex)

In the south of the UK, crop circles are a common event. These strange, flattened patterns appear suddenly and without explanation in farmland throughout the county of Wiltshire. Skeptics will argue that these patterns have been made by pranksters or by enthusiasts wanting to create large-scale crop graffiti. Others will argue it is an attempt by extraterrestrial beings to communicate with us by stamping their presence into a field. I’m keeping an open mind as to the source of these features, neither agreeing nor disagreeing with either “skeptic” or “believer”. And this is the reason why. The UK’s most complex crop circle appeared in a field earlier this month, and it took an astrophysicist to decipher what it meant…

I usually don’t cover stories like this on astroengine, but I thought this was pretty captivating. A crop circle, measuring 150 metres in diameter appeared in a field last month, and at first no one knew what it meant, and filed it under “C” for “Cool Looking Circle.” That was until a retired astrophysicist saw the aerial photograph above the Wiltshire countryside near the village of Wroughton. Mike Reed realised that far from being an interesting pattern, it was in fact a graphical representation of the mathematical symbol π (Greek letter pi). Complex crop circles have appeared before featuring fractal patterns, but this one is a geometric shape that accurately depicts the first ten digits of π.

π = 3.141592653

Reed managed to understand what was being communicated and drew up his graphical representation of π to 10 digits. Although it may not appear obvious at first, the crop circle above has been designed in the following way:

A graphical representation of Pi (© Mike Reed)

But how does it work? If you cut the crop circle into 10 pieces, the pattern becomes obvious. You have to start in the middle, at “1” in the diagram to the left, and work clockwise. It is important to take note of the “steps” as the spiralling black line progresses outward. The first number with a step immediately after is the number “3”, we make a note of this number. As in the crop circle in Wiltshire, there is a small circle embedded in the step noted as “1”, this is a decimal point. Progressing beyond the first step, we immediately hit a second step, so this means we make a note of the number “1” (giving us 3.1). Spiralling outward we hit a third step at the number “4”, we make a note of this number (giving us 3.14). As we continue, another step at “1” (3.141), and then at “5” (3.1415), “9” (3.14159) and “2” (3.141592). This pattern continues to the end of the spiral at the tenth and last digit. After this, there is a series of 3 circles denoting that π continues to infinity.

To be honest, I find this awesome. If this was created by a group of humans, it is a stunning achievement (although no one has come forward claiming responsibility). As for the other option (i.e. ET communication), I’m not so sure. However, as I was asked during the Paranormal Radio show with Captain Jack last week, “UFO’s, yes or no?”, I will have to respond with: Keep an open mind. Yes, I believe in extraterrestrial life, but as for them visiting Earth to communicate via crop circles seems a bit far fetched. Still, this is a nice little mystery…

Source: Daliy Mail

70 thoughts on “A Fractal Representation of Pi… In a Crop Circle”

  1. I submit that the skeptics are not those who believe that such phenomena are mundane; rather the skeptics are those who insist upon an extraordinary explanation. The simplest explanation is that crop circles are produced by pranksters – clever, but human, pranksters. There is no reason to believe otherwise since there is no evidence to the contrary. Therefore the skeptics are those who insist that they are the work of extraterrestrials.

  2. Has anyone made a program yet to generate pi graphically in this particular manner? Because it would make great visuals at a show, methinks.

  3. 1. This is not a fractal.2. If this is E.T., why do they use tens (0-9), and not their own digit system?3. If this is E.T., why did they round-off the last digit? Why not tell us where the exact value of pie terminates or at least repeats?

  4. 1. This is not a fractal.2. If this is E.T., why do they use tens (0-9), and not their own digit system? Do they have ten fingers too?3. If this is E.T., why did they round-off the last digit? Why not tell us where the exact value of Pi terminates or at least repeats?

  5. Humans having a laugh, end of story. The only thing of interest about this particular 'piece' is the fact that it had a hidden meaning which took a mathematically inclined person to spot. In addition, you also have to appreciate the skill and organisation of the people involved in creating the crop image. Lastly, in my opinion saying you are sitting on the fence with this type thing is almost as bad as saying you believe that aliens did it. What you are implying is that there is a 50/50 chance of humans vs Aliens being the 'artists'. In reality you know that the chances that humans did it is very high against the chances that aliens did it being extremely low. Just because you can't explain exactly how it was done doesn't mean there isn't a plausible explanation which is implied by the probabilities of who created it. Once you've decided on the most plausible explanation then the fun begins in trying to work out exactly what tools they used to do the job…

  6. this is a game within a game – what if WE were responsible for informing extra terrestrials that we have this knowledge?

  7. You intellectual point-scorers just don't get it do you? You look at events like this through your own map of your world, assuming we are important enough to be contacted, or not. Do your research before making blind judgemental comments based on ego. It is a fact, that ET crop circles shown in fields with such as wheat, show that the wheat stems have 'grown' to lay down. There are no breakages of the stems. These imprints also appear in snow, in sand, at the bottom of oceans. They are energy patches, designed to re-balance the energy of our planet. Our sound vibrations are being 're-tuned'. This is why there are so many reports of healing taking place when people spend time within them. They are calculated in base 12. The species that does this, aren't interested in contacting us, we are too primitive for them. They are interested in saving our planet; from us. As we distort the energies of our planet with explosions and chemical release, we are destroying a planet which is pivotal to other species in the universe. Are some of you so naiive to believe that no-one is in contact with other species? Just because you are not, doesn't mean others can't be. As a species, we are not ready yet to accept another species. They only make contact with people who are not ego-based. What other intelligent species wants to come to a planet whch has nuclear weapons in space, pointing at itself, is warring amongst each other, and has ego as drive for greed, avarice and power?
    When a new species finds the value of pi, they become interesting to other advanced species, yet we are laughed at, because we are working in base 10, holding us back from faster advancement. Our universes (and that is not a typo) were designed in base 12. Each universe is part of a dodecahedron of universes. There are 12 dodecahedrons around a great central sun. It's time some of you looked at the duality in life of physical and spiritual and then you would embrace more knowledge. Comments about advancements with computers is laughable compared to the complexity of nature. Anyone who has an interest in quantum mechanics will know that it is now widely accepted that we were created. Can we be so arrogant to believe that we, in our solar system, within 144 billion solar systems of the Milky Way, within 144 billion galaxies, within 144 universes, within 144,000 dimensions; are alone?

  8. As far as I know video evidence is good in the Court of law and china shut down it's airports several times do to U.F.O's over their cities.. So I have to disagree with you, there is plenty of evidence you just haven't looked for any yet. China has shut down it's airports on several occasions for several hours because of a UFO's over Hong kong,Shanghai ect. Now go to China and try to convince the airport passengers who were stranded that ''UFO's arn't real''. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgTsag5DPGEAs far as people saying ''They wouldn't use base 10'' , base 10,base 17, base 20, base 60 doesn't really matter it's all a different representation of the same thing.Everyone uses base 60 in Trigonometry what with degrees being 360* in a circle, but it ultimately reduces to base 10 when you write things out, and can be reduced to base 2 (when you use a calculator).. Switching bases in mathematics does not affect the final answer.Keep an open mind everyone.

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