No Doomsday in 2012: The Reason Why Science Will Not Win

Why Planet X is not Nibiru...
Why Planet X is not Nibiru…

I’ve been busy compiling two new articles about the 2012 doomsday scenario. This time I’ve investigated why Planet X is not the same thing as the Sumerian planet “Nibiru”, and why a “killer solar flare” will not be possible in the year 2012. This brings the 2012 series up to its fourth edition, and the feedback has been very interesting. Probably the most important thing I want to emphasise about this whole 2012 prophecy stuff is that I am not trying to stamp on anyone’s beliefs. There are many reasons why 2012 may hold significant spiritual or religious meaning, and I am not disputing this in any way. I want to present the science facts, not the science “facts” that seem to overwhelm many of the end of the world scenarios. Alas, I suspect that I’m fighting a losing battle. I got it wrong, debunking the doomsayers who are doing this for financial gain are not concerned whether their evidence adds up, they are using one tool that I cannot influence. Fear.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m beating a dead horse. When planning the next 2012 article, I think “aren’t people getting a little tired of this?“, but then I scan the web to find another 2012 doomsday video on YouTube, another blog talking about the end of the world in four years time. Each one draws on the hysteria behind the possibility of mass death and destruction.

So I feel motivated again, I suddenly want to counter-argue these outrageous claims. This is why I posted two articles in quick succession in the last few days, one about Planet X (again) and another about a flare the Sun could never generate.

At the end of most doomsday trails there’s usually book for sale. In principal I have no problem with a publication based on factual claims (they don’t even need to be scientific), but when science is being moulded to fit in with doomsayers beliefs, that is when I feel anger. Fair enough, tell us why the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world, tell us why the ancient Chinese foretold our fate, even pull out the Bible and tell us why the book of Revelation is “right on” (after all, the Bible talks about the “Great Flood”, why not predict the “Great Fire”?). All this I have no problem with, as long as it is based on facts.

Personally, I don’t believe it, and I don’t believe in prophecies predicting the future with any accuracy (prophets, after all, kept their predictions general, leaving us to fill in the details after the event). But these are my beliefs and opinion, I’m not going to go out of my way to prove, with science, that the Bible is wrong, that the Mayans didn’t have a clue, this would be me stamping on ground that shouldn’t be touched unless I were some expert in archaeology or mythology (all very fine and very interesting fields I might add).

So, when the likes of Marshall Masters compiles the complete works of the 2012 Planet X scenario in a series of videos and a book entitled “Surviving 2012 and Planet X,” is it little wonder people might be a little uptight. After all, this guy is a former CNN science feature producer; surely he checks the facts behind his publications? Unfortunately, all his years immersed in science didn’t teach him to verify the facts he claims to have such authority over. For more information on this, see “2012: No Planet X” and make a note on why the 1983 and 1992 “discoveries” cannot be the same thing (and this is just using the evidence Masters provides in his articulate rendition of the Planet X conspiracy!).

In response to this example (and others), I try to pull up the scientific reasoning behind all this hype. “Reasoning” is the operative word. It’s usually a case of grabbing at any science study that might fit and cannibalizing it to re-enforce a very bizarre theory.

So why do these Doomsday theories have such stamina? Surely people can see through the hype by now? Actually, this can be hard. On watching a History Channel documentary about the 2012 prophecies, I could see why people might be worried. Being from the UK, I haven’t experienced US docs quite like this. Between the powerful (and a little frightening) theme tunes, bright imagery and atmospheric cross fades of actors dressed as Nostradamus and ancient Chinese philosophers, this documentary felt more like a blockbuster movie than anything factual. I found myself thinking, “hold on, they might have something here, perhaps the world is going to end! What a fool I’ve been!”, but I quickly recovered and realised that is the power of these prophecies: Fear.

No amount of science articles or reasoning or logic can fight off the air of fear that surrounds the question “What if?” Doomsayers will continue to use this powerful ally to argue 2012 is the end, they will also use it to argue that 2013, 2020, 2030, and the year 3000 will be the end of life as we know it. And the worst thing is, the guys at the end of the doomsday trail will still be making money from book sales and there won’t be a thing science can do about it…

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  1. Dear Mr O Neill,

    Since I knew this thing about Planet X or Nibiru I been very worried, in a point that has become addictive. I’been studying every website of the world related with this topic, Its amazing because all of them get to the same conclusion, the 12-dec-2012 when planet Nibiru will pass close to the Earth creating a ex-change of Axis and well we know the rest of the history. I been following all your articles and be honest you are the only one against 10000 websites that say the opposite, thing I personally appreciate because you say things with solid bases. However seems everything matches for this 2012 ends of the days, I mean, the mayan calendar, the Egyptian scripts, the new discovery of the sink Pyramids in Japan and even a new citi sink in the deep coast of Cuba recently discovered. I mean those were civilizations like us and all of them were exterminated by a reason. Also why the NASA does not say anything about the planet Nibiru, we know is there is been discovered but why NASA does not provide information about this or at least say the truth about this planet is coming to earth in 2012 affecting all of us ?? and how its possible that today this planet is so far and in just 4 years can be here ??
    Please Mr Oneil I will appreciate if you can answer or make and article about this, you are the only one serious and with credibility that at least can give us a hint on what is really goes on and what is going to really happen that year.

    My respect to you.
    diego Martins.

    1. Hey guys look you never now when the doomsday going to come in every single religion in world would say you never now when the doomsday will come.Scientist would say what they think but it shouldn't effect us living our life just pray God.Ask for forgiveness.As I am a Muslim i don't believe in this rubbish.Any religion's book in the world won't say when is a doomsday.

      1. hey do you know that nostradumas saw things like hurricane katrhina and the tsunami in 2004 and south africas president 500 yrs before it happend. how can this not happen.

      2. no, they didn't. they got it wrong when nobody knew they got it wrong and changed their hypothosis. 😛

      3. The beauty of Nostradumas is that he relied on the impossible, much like the Myans, Egyptians, or anyone else in the acient world. There are no numbers, and geomtry is only an observed result. If you regard these things, geomtry and numbers as real, you can state anything. For example you can say “there are 10,000 desks in a room” but in result there are. But numbers & geomtry in this sense are only surface deep. In thought though, you <<could>> be correct, but also you <<could not>>. So you'd have to use a binary system to desin a “future constructing model”. In conclusion, Nostradumas was really smart about almost nothing. XD

      4. It cannot happen, because Nostra Damus did not predict it. Let's use a little bit of common mathematics for this example. Let us suppose, with known facts, that Nostradamus created approximately 950 predictions, possibly more, sense each of his quatrains contained at least one, if not more, prediction. Also, as has already been proven, let us suppose that Nostradamus did not slap on a date to any of these. It would make a certain amount of sense, with such a vague amount of predictions(besides world enders, which if you have actually read up on him, you would realize he's made quite a few) would be correct. For example, I, the all-seeing Codydamus, make a prediction that there will be a gigantic catastrophe in 2011! Then i would be right, because every year there is at least multiple counts of floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes. BUT, and this is a big one, Nostradamus has been proven wrong on multiple occasions. He made MULTIPLE predictions for the end of the world, such as one in 3797 A.D. Let me ask you JPO, how much sense does it make for Nostradamus to predict a World-ending date after another world-ending date? I mean, how many times can the world end? Its just hype. But I really, want to hear the South African president prediction, if you don't mind. Including the guys name(Full name, first name is ok, but its just to random), maybe his birth date(?), and how long his term would last. Saying something like, a man will unite southern africa, is not a prediction, because it is so vague that it'll be true to some point.

      5. its been proving that nostradumas wasnt right about anything, his words got mixed up over time, like Chinese whispers, its like with everything the best bet is to wait and see and respect this guys believe because it makes the most sense and puts your mind at rest, peace

      6. Hold up… Did Nostradamus say, “Hurricane Katrhina?” If you go to any psychic, you will realize that they say very general things that will apply to a ton of things and situations, that people will always find a way for them to be right.

      7. I’m just going to guess that you have never actually read the prophecies, you only gave into the propaganda that media feeds the less fortunate that are too lazy to open a book and discover truths for themselves. Now, he did in fact predict many things of which could be speculated as a “fact,” but most were to vague to peg on a particular event like the ones you are refering to.

      8. you’re right…God wouldn’t mention when doomsday comes because God only mentions about the signs of doomsday…

      9. “Any religion’s book in the world won’t say when is a doomsday.”

        Would it be better if you just said only God knows because I don’t know why, as a Muslim I really felt wrong when you said that.

    2. every religion is the same to an extent. they have have similar things in common. and the only thing that all civilizations have in common is the stars. because all religions are based off the stars. “The Virgin Mary is the constellation Virgo, also known as Virgo the Virgin. Virgo in Latin means virgin. The ancient glyph for Virgo is the altered “m”. This is why Mary along with other virgin mothers, such as Adonis's mother Myrrha, or Buddha's mother Maya begin with an M. Virgo is also referred to as the House of Bread, and the representation of Virgo is a virgin holding a sheaf of wheat. This House of Bread and its symbol of wheat represents August and September, the time of harvest. In turn, Bethlehem, in fact, literally translates to “house of bread”. Bethlehem is thus a reference to the constellation Virgo, a place in the sky, not on Earth.” -zeitgiesti believe that something will trigger and set off a chain reaction. the earths wobble has been constantly speeding over the years, like a top gaining momentum. if the earths tilt shifts a mere 3 degrees the the amount of water melted from the ice caps would be catastrophic. that would destroy most coast city's and most likely set off earthquakes and super volcanoes ready to blow. the end in near my friend. maybe not in 2012. or maybe not even in our lifetimes. but soon i know it will be disaster.. only to be reborn and be glorious. and better then before. the survivors will adapt to the new world and breed into more advanced civilization. hopefully more concerned with the workings of a human being more then material possessions.

    3. first of all: if planet X is the cause of the “ending of the world” then it should have been visible by now, which is not the case. second of all: the mayan calendar does NOT imply the end of the world, but a beginning of a new period in time. also. the mayan calender isn’t accurate at all. People see what they want to see. I’m telling you sir: whole this 2012 thing is just a way of scaring people off, making people (who sell this crap) rich. othing more. So stop worrying. If all the predictions about the end of the world were real: then we all should have been killed in 2002. Peace out.

      1. Your very right thank god someone agrees with me…if the Myans could predict the end of the world dont you think they would have been more advanced and we dont know exactly what year it is right now if im not mistaken us in the U.S. go off the Myan calender for all we know it could be 3011 not 2011

    4. Diego,

      May I suggest you look to to the NASA website and look up Planet X or Nibiru?  NASA actually does explain the close passing of Nibiru and why it will not affect the Earth other than that we will see a really bright star in the sky.  Of course that is a scientific calculation, but who knows what god has in store.  All of this 2012 hype is bogus because God said specifically that ….”no man or the son himself know the day or time…..”

  2. Hey Ian,

    My theory is that the people promoting this garbage don’t believe in it themselves–although it does help pay for their bills. 🙂

    As far as using the bible as a “reference for doomsday,” I remember reading a passage in Matthew 24:36 where Jesus Christ even said no man new “the hour” (or time), which is great to quote to doomsday cults (well, at least it will get them off of your back).

    Thanks for another write up, although if I were you I would make a wager with these groups (say if you’re right, they each pay you $10, but if they’re right, they keep your soul). 😉

    1. The hour nor time but he never once said you wouldn't know the day! think about what you wrote… no man shall know the hour nor the time…. What about day it is in the Bible if you read the Bible.

      1. actually the Bible says in Matthew chapter 24 verse 36 says but of that day and hour knoweth no man no not angels in hevan but my father oly

      2. you are right…nobody know when doomsday comes because only God knows when it happened…Scientist should not challenged God because they are not God because God knows everything that we didn’t know…

    2. hey okay i see what he is saying.. But i read the bible too & he makes since…. The world wont end in 2012.. But like your saying God can end the world when he likes… So…yeahh

  3. Hello Ian:

    I agree with you on all the points you make except one. The people who are the “victims” of these scams are getting more than their money’s worth by purchasing books and advice. It gives them some interest in their otherwise unbearably boring lives. The purveyors are certainly less than ethical, because they know better, but the sheep are just begging to be fleeced. So, chill.

  4. Hello Ian, is it possible for the earth to be lined up with the galactic plane in 2012? I read on some website, they claim some sort of black hole at the center of the galaxy will be aligned with the earth. From what they say, is that the black hole will “tug” on the earth causing a pole shift. Is this theory at all possible, or is it another way for these loosers to influence fear?

    1. Hello JoeI am not a great scientist or philosopher but i just want to share my knowledge with you allPlease don't start believing what ever you see on the web sitessimply do one thing get more and more information about the words mentioned on those web sites you will surely understand the fact about those words that is galatic plane i haven't heard about this word but i know by my knowledge what black hole is,Black hole is actually a natural phenomena occurs when a star at the end of its lifetimea star's center becomes unstable due to which the star explodes thats called supernova in scientific terms due to which a large amount of gamma rays emitted through its spinning axis point because of this explosion the space around the star i mean including the planets near to it are burnt or destroyed due to heat released during the explosion and cooled at the same rate creating a vacuum of space in the center of star it start pulling the remains in is so dense that light rays are bent passing near the core of star because of which it appers like a black hole in the center when viewed from the top of its axis as viewed from front you can only see dust clouds surroundedSo now you might have understand about black hole and just imagine about the stars very far from our solar system we can't even see these phenomena happening with naked eye we can't even think about the black hole coming so near to us or near to our sunso whenever somebody says about black holes without any knowledge of it i would simply ask him if he knows about it fully or not because only few people have full knowledge about black holes. so by their clams only you can now understand that their idea is totally wrong.I think you were also afraid because of less knowledge of black hole or you may have watched in some movie about black hole spacecrafts traveling through black hole thats really not possible in near many many generations unless you are traveling at the speed of light.Bye have nice 2012

    2. I read one website yesterday that the is no way a black hole can be created, I frogot the reasons but there is NO-WAY it can come into our universe no matter what!

    3. Black holes have a powerful pull in all directions, and over distance that strength is reduced, but never gone. The earth is being pulled by everything to some extent, we do not need a specific alignment with a black hole to be sucked in.

  5. It’s all about HOPE! Most of us have a deep, dark hope that the End of Everything will happen soon and save us from our tedious lives.

    Or maybe I just want to have a smug expression on my face while watching the shocked expression on yours when it happens.

  6. Joe I think that galactic plane is to wide to cross it through in one year and if really close to it we should fell its ifluence right now but so far nothing happened

  7. this is so right all the people who believe in those wack job therios are crazy just look at Y2K evryone thoght the same thing would happen but look im still hear and kicken and im not going to freak about to waste all my time time worring about this crack pot theroy.

  8. Oh come on!!! You know you want it to happen. I mean really, wouldn’t it be cool? Certainly it would be much more exciting to behold than to just watch our ever expanding universe suffer its slow thermal death–over the next 200 billion years. Just think: what would it have been like when that Mars size object slammed into the Earth four billion years ago and made the moon! Sheesh, except for only a handful of mass extinctions over the last billion years, nothing ever happens in our neck of the galaxy. Eta Carinae…where are you when we need you. Let’s call down the thunder; I wanna hear the boom!


  10. It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine.

    Oh MAN! And I was hoping to get the New Apple in 2013… you know the one with the portable 3D screen and 50 TB Hard drive!?

    We are indeed odd little creatures. There is no evidence for the afterlife, but that doesn’t stop us. We Wanna Believe! There is no evidence for extraterrestrial invaders stealing our women and children in the middle of night, doing unspeakable degrading tests on them, but hey, our minds are made up. We Wanna Believe! There is no evidence of anything being ‘supernatural’ in it’s origin, but, once again, many of us firmly believe, not only is my god better than your god, but he or she is in reality the ONLY god and the rest are just impostors!

    We like being scared (we ride roller coasters of our own making), we like being right (even if the evidence doesn’t support our stand), but most of all… it appears we are extremely quick to forget our failures and mistakes, and even quicker to say “I told you so” on the one time out of millions when we are actually right. Yep we are odd… and the Odds do get Even… Eventually.

    If the world ends, it ends… big deal. Everything that has a beginning has an ending, is this really a surprise. What’s scary is not the world ending, and it will one day (whether we as a species are here to see it or not) but those who use the fear of the unknown as a weapon and as a trap against their own kind to help their emotions over-rule their rational thought process. Now THAT is scary!

    Life is good. Be compassionate. Realize lions eat lambs, and as Frank Hebert said;

    I must not fear.
    Fear is the mind-killer.
    Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
    I will face my fear.
    I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
    And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
    Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.
    Only I will remain.

    Dune 1965

    1. What I find funny is that I’m more worried about rioting and people going crazy in 2012 than the actual end of the world. lol I have done some research but I’m sure I can speak for all of us that when this big argument and debate about if the world will end or not started, I’m sure all of us had at least a second of thought ahh “S.H.I.T”. But I look at it like this, if the world ends then it ends, there’s nothing you can do so just carry on with your life. Now I’m stubborn and so I unfortunately from time to time I keep coming back to these stupid websites which rules out my point of ‘just carry on with your life’ i.e. this post but you must realise that there are thousands of people from all ages who are getting scared about this stupid thing. I’m 18 and I’m still little bit hectic, but then I think you know what, oh well, at the end of the day it’s about money and using fear to get others to believe your opinion and belief. From personal experience I can tell you that if you just accept that it might happen, you take ALOAD of your back and it lets your mind at peace. Again from a post on this page which I recently just learnt, there’s and expression from Frank Hebert which I really like. I don’t know who he is but I do like the saying as it shows you a way of handling this argument. He said: I must not fear.Fear is the mind-killer.Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.I will face my fear.I will permit it to pass over me and through me.And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.Where the fear has gone there will be nothing.Only I will remain.This completely sums up what I am trying to achieve and thankfully this guy post this which has helped me. Now I don’t know what I said in this post was useful or not to you whoever is reading this but I have seen some of the comments for and against and they really have inspired me so I felt like giving something back =D. Whoever you are reading this just believe what you want to believe, all means post of other websites etc and stand up to what you believe but do not, like some pricks do out there force it on others because they need a little attention. I only hope that come 2012 everyone realises that potentially nothing will happen. Take care =D x

  11. i think the world could end in 2012.we don’t have to be fear because today’s world is too bad so i don’t have fear

    1. no man world counldn’t be end so fast (but i agreed with you this point that world is too bad without having fear of God…) many things may come to hear about 2012 as i purchased a book from site and there written many things but now one can say that this will about to happen in 2012 if God don’t want…

  12. I can’t stand when people post their crappy opinions under titles like “The Reason Why Science Will Not Win”. You waste time reading there crappy articles just to find there’s no relevant information on the topic at hand. Just the rantings of a skeptic that obviously hasn’t done his homework.

    1. Well honastly arent they all skeptics who havent done there homework? doesnt matter what side they are on! Some may have done more then others, just enough to get you hooked but nothing truely legible, nothing they can back up with anything, no truth they can show.. i am honeslty skeptical of both sides.. i do believe nothing will happen in one hand but in the other am in fear like hundreds of thousands of other people the fear that anything is possible.. Mainly becuase i have kids i am in fear for.. but mostly this fear is all drilled into my head as well as most everyone else.. All these end of the world movies, books, and tv shows are not helping thats for sure!

      1. Crys: Maybe reading more science and watching less end-of-the-world TV would help. (Especially if you have kids … it might be scary for them to be exposed to what amounts to thriller-fiction.)

  13. That’s a good one Metal Man, I’d take your comment seriously if a) you posted your name to stand by your opinion, or b) you’d point out exactly what points you don’t agree with. Let me know on which areas you’d like me to improve on and I’ll see what I can do.

    Until then, your opinion is just as valid as mine, it’s just that I back my opinion up with facts rather than accusations.

    Cheers, Ian

    1. ian, perhaps the people are interperiting the entire idea in the wrong way. maybe, just maybe, the mayan prediction of enlightenment is beyond our grasp. imagine what will happen if 2012 is all a hype. if everyone in the world is afraid for their life, an experience i have had myself, and this is all just a hype, than afterwards the mass amounts of joy and comfort may bring peace to us all. if you have ever had your life threatened in a way as to which you believed you were going to die, but you didnt, you feel unexplainably joyful. now, im not saying this is or isnt going to happen, but imagine if im right. if this is all a hype than people all over the world are going to celebrate in masses of hundreds of thousands. but if im wrong, it will be an enlightenment for people as they prepare for the end. masses of people will go see their families. friends and loved ones all over the world will gather together for their last little bit of time on earth. both scenarios are an example of enlightenment. i just hope that it is my first example.i do appreciate your time for trying to help others understand in a different perspective though,Brandon

  14. In previous predictions,Some points are false.May be,the 2012 mentions something in somewhere,We still don’t have any information like astorids toward to the Earth ,earth magnetic field weaken or doomed core(Since the core of earth contains lots of iron for the time being,not Uranium 235 and Uranium 238,the 235 and 238 combined=Nuclear bomb,May be the statement=the starting of SUPERMAN?).

    Is 2012-12-21=ends? No one knows,But we can change it in multi-ways not do the doomsaying, In present.
    (According to some people who read these Mayan things,Some people may state that the day is the another innovation,If we are passed the test(We don’t know what exactly,But we must face it or we are all down in mind not body),We will be these innovators like in Japanese Animes and comics)

    Since some people said 1997 was the the doomday of the Earth.(May be wars,I guess,money making with the fools)

    Since,I used to search these information in GOOGLE,I discovered that the doomday said by Americans,But only Lots of Americans believe it.If they want us to believe,Do they provide the factual data like astorids coming,strong sun activity,or unexpected invasion like strange fleets?

    I seldom believe this as We do not find any points positive contacted.

    1. yaa i agree with u kenneth…their must be +ve reasons scientific or supernatural wat ever …to convince human dat the massacre does'nt take place….well till den ppl keep thier eyes on dat ddomsday or judgementday…

    2. i believe this all a money makin hoax could the world end sure will it most likely not if you watch conspiracy theory with jesse ventura it talks about sellin under ground missle siloes for millions of dollars and the goverment building for them selves i think the goverment is makin a fortune off this if the world was comming to a end why would we care about the dollar with out humanity what is the point the goverment nos this thats why they are capitalizing on this and selling these underground safe havens for virtually billions of dollars they are basin this on fear and hype i agree wit you mr o neill

  15. C’mon, who belives this stuff?

    The Mayans werent magical nor could they predict the future, they’d probably still be alive and kicking it if they could, it was a culture of sacrificing people to the gods and in the end they still got annihilated, heck you don’t even worship the same gods they do, why would you pay any attention to what they “predicted” if their culture means nothing to you.

    All this hysterical “doomsaying” is nothing but bored people seeking substance in their life, if you truly belived in it you wouldnt be arguing about it on websites, you’d be doing things you’ve always dreamed of doing, I know I would.

    In the end it’s just a hype, it’s “cool” to think that the world will end soon, it’s obvious when you read the post’s of the people who belive it and their best argument is (NASA is hiding it, i swear, it’s true!!)

    Get a grip

  16. Okay this is my two cents, if the world ends, it ends and there is nothing we can do about it, but if by some chance any of these theories or whatever are in anyway true, my main concern would be on is there a chance of survival and if so what!!! If not Then nothing matters anyways!! For every reason something can happen there are numerous other reasons why it can not happen, also if a catastrophic event were to occur, such as an asteroid headed towards earth that would cause a serious of events that lead to world destruction, and we had enough advanced knowledge of it and stopped it, and or moved it off course, wouldn’t that have changed the series of events that were predicted to happen and therefore changed the domino effect that the effects of it would have caused?? I mean like was said earlier, the predictions made by Nostra.. and others were very vague and you could insert any catastrophe in it’s place. Like lets talk about the greenhouse effects, Obviously the consequences of that could be placed in the revelation of the bible. I mean you get all the snow caps in the world to melt obviously you are gonna have great flooding, If the world is going barren obviously great fires. The more natural catastrophes that we have the more chance of disease and plagues, the more the economy goes haywire the more we have wars and riots, I mean there are so many ways to interpret what is to come and is already here, but unless you know for a fact and no one does, does it really matter??

  17. This topic scares the living hell out of me. I’ve done so much research on it that my head is starting to hurt from it. I keep reading that it isn’t the end of the world, and I believe it wont end. I had read from a Mayan elder that the elders consider it an insult that we think it’s the end when really it’s a celebration of a new age, I wish I could remember the site I had read that at. But as I said is scares me. As of late I’m tried to become closer to God so he can comfort me from my madness. I’m just really scared…. I’ll be honest about it. I just hope in 2012 I will be celebrating Christmas with my family with tears of joy that nothing happened and the people of the world and the world are ok.

    1. Your comment makes me cry. It's so true. Every day. I just can't shake it. I just love my family, I don't want to see them suffer, not even for a second. I feel like my soul would be forever tormented if my last moment were seeing them blown to bits … I wish that I didn't feel so lied to by our government. I feel like no one tells us the truth, so we have to rely on other avenues for information. I'm trying to just put it out of my mind, live with my children, but I just have this overwhelming feeling that I should try to prepare. Then the question is how? I'm not a millionaire. I cannot buy a condo deep in the earth. Why would I want to? If the planet x theory happened, if the poles reversed, contrary to what some say, we'd be in for a rough ride. The plates are not going to shift like that and all of our inhabitants on earth be unaffected. But I don't think you'd be safe in the crust of the earth, you'd probably be the first to go wouldn't you? This has happened before, and obviously mankind survived. I don't think it was because he was tunneled deep into a vessel in the earth. It was probably a natural resource, something… a mountain with different polarity, some type of magnetism, volcanic vents in the ocean saving perhaps a certain land mass??? I'm not a doomsdayer. I am like everyone else on here, i guess I just want to belive that all the stress, all the work, and all the effort that leaves me so exhausted at the end of the day will eventually leave me with what we all search for… more time to enjoy or family. Then I wonder. If it were my last year and a half as a living being in this family I have now, wouldn't I want to love them, enjoy them… as much as possible. Be kinder to my fellow man, pay it forward?? Yes, yes I would want to make every second about that. So since I have no great importance to anyone on this Earth other than my family, I should concentrate every living moment left to making them feel loved and adored. I should concentrate on never leaving a hurtful mark on anothers life. I should give good advise when I can and say nothing when I can't. I should try to make the difference. That's all I want to do and I feel so overwhelmed with fear that I cannot. I want to cry every time I touch my son's face, I move him from his bed to mine every night after he goes to sleep just so I can touch his little feet. I'm just falling apart, I'm so scared. I wish someone… something… would give me some peace. I cannot shake this feeling every day that things are coming that will change everything. It's frightening to me, the parts of revelation that speak of us being scattered to lands where the language is not understood, where we will pray for death but none will come. Where we will be tortured, but not die. God why is peace so hard? Doesn't everyone have love in their hearts, can we not all respect and love that everyone feels love for their own? Aren't we all a part of each others distant “own”? I guess i've lost my mind!

      1. man no one knows whats goin to happen so lets hope for the best and be ready for the worst!! remember if allah wants to keep u alive u will live if he wants u to die no power in the universe can save u!!

      2. I cry too. Every day I take a little extra time when I kiss my little ones goodbye. I look into their eyes and I silently pray to God to show me how to prepare for what is to come. My husband thinks I’m crazy, I’m sure, for suggesting that we start planning for possible survival. That is what scares me the most… Not the dying, but the possibility of surviving. I don’t fear for myself… Only my children… How will I be able to provide for them? How will I be able to protect them against something like cannibalism? What a horrible thought. I can only hope and pray that if this all happens, that we die together and quickly.

      3. Don’t worry about it. I mean, it’s good to be prepared for anything, but I’d save some money for Christmas gifts this year for your children.

      4. You said you read the Bible, but you quoted two completely different times; one in the distant past and one in the future. However the only way to get peace is to make Jesus Christ Your Lord and Savior! He died for all of our sins and only with salvation in HIM, will will get into Heaven when we die!! Please pray for this for all your love ones, your enemies and yourself!!

        Stef Schettine

      5. ???  I think you're missing the point.  I do pray, and Faith is something that lies somewhere shadowed between doubt and belief.  It's not totalitarian, nor absolute.  Fear is what lives in the quiet place of the mind and soul.  True fear is not felt for oneself, but for another's suffering you are helpless against.  I don't fear that God is not real, I have FAITH that God is real, I however, have no FAITH in the truth as it is presented to me, I have no FAITH that I am not being lied to about things I should probably have the courtesy of sharing knowledge about.  I have a natural instillation of desire to protect the children God has entrusted to my safety, and it overshadow's my daily life.  This monsterous greed mankind has, makes this time so uncertain.  I don't know what point you're trying to make.  Do you think Job did not cry out in agony over the suffering of his family?  It was not for his own torture he cried.  No, I cannot quote every scripture.  Yes, I have been raised in church all of my life, and yes, I feel that I am adequately acquainted with God.  Prayer doesn't cure everything, we're still here, in this nightmare, with war all around us, uncertainty on every level.  I'm sure even God himself feels bad for those of us that would like to try to live somewhat of a peaceful and just life.
        Jennifer Cooper,
        Santa Fe, TX  77517
        Office (409)925-0993
        Fax    (409)927-1341


      6. hiya beurownkeepr i read how much you love your family and would only worry about one thing on the 21 12 2012 and that is that you have enough crimbo present for your family. the true is planet x is real but it is real for every new planet discoverd. As planet x is the name given to any new planet found before they name it. Also the talk about the mayan calander is wrong the only thing the calender means is the end of one cycle to another just like any other calender say.mine say at the end of 2011 that 2012 begins. and Infact the mayans thought of the end of the long calender cycle was time of renewal and great celebration the fact the the doomsday sayers twisted this for there own ends would be a great insult to the mayan as it was one of the most sacred celeabrations. So all though the mayan were a great and very advanced race prodiction was not there go but they did like there stars and planets.And if the future is what they was all about (which i don’t believe it was at all ) why did they not no about there own end of there civialization and if they did they would of done something about it.Now we come to the centre of the galaxy big line up thing lol.Did you no every december of every year that the sun earth are in line or just off been lined up with the centre of the milkyway this is an annual accurance and nothing new. But the earth is still turning and in 1 pieace as it will be in 2013.
        Next fable is the earth will be struck by a comit or a meteor the truth behind this is the earth always been at risk of been struck by one or the other and always will be am sry to say but at present NASA are not tracking any thing in the solar system that is big enough to course exstinction but as we no they can’t track everyone at present but that said its been that way since mankind could look into space and the last big one ever to hit us was 65 million year ago and killed the dinersoures.Any how i hope this helps you sleep a bit better on a night and help you have a chance of some normality again and give your family a big hug from me .Am not saying the world can’t end in 2012 but lets cut the BS and face facts the world could end at any point and time most of the hype been may up at this time is to scare you and made to coinside with the mayan calender to make it more real to people so other get rich and the rest get poorer. And there really is no evidence that 2012 is the end of days for us all. As a famous person once said extrodenery events take extrodenery evidents. And if am wrong well i will not be here next year to worry about it but some how i think i will along with the rest of humanity I HOPE :).

  18. LOL I am glad some get it. I think in the back of most peoples minds they all really get it too, but not quite comprehend it. And in the process of non comprehension,they think well enough to come up with a scheme like this.

    Welcome to My Money Giver!
    Thank you for visiting My Money Giver. We first created this website to help everyone share the wealth and live easily. We’ve learned of the upcoming events of 2012. We would like to transition the use of this site to help everyone get the funds they need to get the supplies they need and to reach the safe places they need to reach in order to survive the events of 2012 with possible 2012 SURVIVAL GROUPS. We have links to periodical events and climate changes, that show proof of planetary disasters on a 3600 year cycle, on our links page. We hope that everyone can benefit from these 2012 SURVIVAL GROUP FUNDS.

    WOW lol cmon people we are not all that fuxing mind fuxked or gone. lol

    Humans hu? lol we are all stupied I guees.

  19. It’s all about money, money, money. Go out and take a walk and enjoy life. The universe is 4 billion years old and will be here for billions more.

  20. i will admit, in the beginning of this “so high school gossip” situation, had me going for a minute. People will say or do just about anything to pay their bills. You are the one person who actually makes sense and uses common sense and science to restore hope and people sense of security back into their lives, and for that i thank you. Because honestly i am 16 yrs of age and when i heard the world was going to end in 4 years… well i was ready to give up and then i came across your article. Thanks for changing my state of mind.

  21. All I have to say about 2012 is that as we get closer to the year it seems like more and more bad things are happening like deaths for example or robberies,murder,kidnapping,KIDKILLING,RAPIST,ETC……………but for real though they said the world was going to end alot of times but 2012 might be the actual date but nobody freaken KNOWS up here predictin stuff.Anyways I hope when that day comes we live and nothing happens except for a good christmas.Also make your family stay home Dec 21st 2012 just in case it happens I mean you dont wanna to be alone when it happens do you?????i didnt think i mean if you love your family make sure you're there with them on that day.

  22. I really don't care what happens. I think Dec 21st 2012 will just be a normal day just like January 1st 2000 was and if something does happen then it would sure be pretty interesting ride for a few hours. I don't know why everyone is so fascinated about the apocalypse, but if it happens, hey at least this shitty world we've made it in to be will get what it deserves. So when Dec 21st 2012 comes, either prepare to go about your business like a normal day or stick your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.

  23. im scared what if its all true? what do we do? where do we go? is it the end ? who knows we will see december 21 2012 11.11am acurate with countdown to doomsday clock

  24. Why dance completely around the subject? Where did you include any factual peice in this segment of so called “information” provide” truth and maybe people would listen. And its obvious that you have no idea what your talking about. So just drop the subject and if you disagree or find any stipulating fact email me(dont waste my time w/ garbage like this ever again).

    1. @JHTwo things: 1) The burden of proof lies on the person making the positive claim.2) Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.The “positive claim” in this case is that something disastrous will happen in 2012. I leave the specifics of this claim up to you. If you want me to believe that Nibiru exists and will cause a disaster in 2012, then I require evidence to that end. If you want me to believe that an alignment between the Earth, Sun and the supermassive black hole in the center of the Galaxy will occur, then you need to prove to me that the alignment will occur. I do not need to prove that it will not. Regardless of this, Dr. O'Neill *has* provided evidence as to why some specific claims made by 2012 proponents are impossible. It is an impossible task to prove that *all* such claims are impossible, because each time one specific claim is refuted, a new claim is substituted to take its place. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence: If the claim requires overturning much of what is known about physics (for example, Kepler's laws of planetary motion) then the burden of proof is increased. You not only would have to provide proof beyond the weight of the evidence, you would have to provide proof beyond any doubt whatsoever. This is because the claim 'swims uphill' against hundreds of years worth of observations. So it comes down to this: Put up, or shut up. If you have evidence that you believe shows some aspect of the 2012 hoax is real, please present it. You can do that here, or on my blog ( ) or on the “2012 Hoax” wiki at Without evidence, any claims that something drastic will happen in 2012 are intellectually and morally bankrupt.

  25. It's a shame what they do to people with the fear stuff.God help us all with this and give us hope that the religious try to make us worried about.To me I thought that the Indians lost it when they invented this and they wished to frighten the weak at heart.I was like how can anybody be saved.Where is God in all of this and why do people have no heart.People should think about the kids and wish the best for all and quit wanting the world to end for more good can happen when people swallow their pride.Those people who invented this story should've heard “Nicklebacks “If Everyone Cared” ” I pray that things will be alright and God will not let the end happen in 2012 it's too soon and I care about so many people.People are fighting a war and it's all sad.May God have mercy on this world.

    1. If you are keeping your “house” clean and are right with those in your life and with your God, relax. Live by the Golden Rule of treating others as you want them to treat you. When life ends for you, peace will enter. We are all going to die someday. It is an unescapeable fact, so accept it and live your life the best way you can and forget about it.

  26. I like to say: I'm doomed, your doomed, the earth is doomed, we're all doomed!!!So that way whatever happens I predicted it!

  27. I think,Ian O'Neill has done a great job,it's not that I agree on every point,like I think jesus was very detailed,but I have found things in the bible that nobody seems to have read,most go on the popular basic belief of religion,kinda like brain washing,anyway what I am writing about is the author sounds a little like he's down,and I just wanted him to know that someone thought his article was really good and I find that it sounds like he is trying hard to comfort people. In a logical researched sort of way.

  28. I completely agree with Ian stated thoughts and opinions. I just can’t help but to ponder how the Mayans, Nostradamus and others from different time periods have all come up with the same date. I truly do not know what is going to happen but believe that it will not affect the planet earth in such a way that will qualify for “end of the world” terms. Something may happen and us earthlings will always be able to point to a event after the fact or even before the event takes place and say LOOK SEE.Brian Scheu

  29. this is all bull i think because the mayans new and they had no technolgy and we arn't sure mabee the myans stop on that day

  30. only god knows when the end of time is dont people realize that world could end tonight or tomorrow why dec 21 2012 whats so special about that and if its going to end that day there wont be anyone alive but like i have said only god knows when the end of the world is not no mayan calender theses people need to grow up and get a life cant you see its all about making money are you to blind to see that

  31. prophet and predictions is an oxymoron two different meanings that have nothing to do with one another bad context “BRA” and GOD says in da Basic Info Before Leaving Earth that he won't flood the world again but rather to burn it kinda like an EMP hitting us from the outer solar sys and simutanously being melted by the “new” Y class solar flares. that's FACT not “FACT” and propraganda “infamously not created by Hitler” are mostly uneducated hipsters flowing with the game which is going to lead to subscription to GOOGLE via Internet2 cause a conspriacy theorist is a terrorist and his vessel is the WWW1 so, free info will be phased out through a tactic you don't influence and why most people think im negative. FEAR. to not understand fully is to scared not to be confused with cautious which is simply being aware. 2012 facts if people act in such a way an electron works then we are FUBARd cause over 500 million people believe something will happen in 2012 where the other 6.5 1/2 billion people on the earth laugh and the situation giving attention non the less than the believers… member the monks in DC and the captain of the PD said it would take 10 feet of snow to drop crime rate 15 percent a lil meditation some spiritual stuff happen I consider the monks like protons and the crime as neutrons never will be in the same together ever… but physics will preveil this mainstreamed Odýsseia (<3 Greek bunch of fags)

  32. p.s leave the mayians people alone cross reference your facts get some sumer or babylonian even the akkrad some gilgamesh be a theologian and a scientist things with think as fact can and most likely will be proven wrong i.e newtonian idea of light vs maxwell light and einsteins relative theory: constant of light all different ideas depicting what they THINK is real is forced to FACT through census utter BS like quanta mech just utter bs that requires imagination more than the simple concept of 2 + 2 =4 aka complexties which brings in the MAGIC factor M to compare a boson to a fermion and then we play GOD via compactification ,irrational thinking. thinking the unthinkable is more rational than thinking nothing real to irrational notation i.e string chaos butterfly the varible exponents are what you want them to be or which method you use to follow GAYNESS pion are gayness and so are the gluons they stick to. 2012 just another electroweak interactions between the human race and science. but if it's all true from niburu to great floods and fires disease famine ect. then maybe its just an electroSTRONG interaction between people and GAIA which would be pretty gay humans=electrons and the world= atom and the plants and lifeforms here are just other varibles that make up a molecule or crystaline we live in and we will cause a awesome beta decay…. FUN STUFF crammed like sodomy

    1. Um… thanks for your comment… I think. Not sure why pions are gay and where Hitler comes into it, but I'm sure the answer is hidden somewhere in this blended soup of big words. I read it twice, and apart from a headache, I didn't get much out of it.Thanks anyway…

      1. the idea is to just think. if it gave you a head ache then fragmented ideas spushed(not a real word but tangiable) together is not your forte. too much body not enough mind too much mind and not enough body. hitler was a pun for the propaganda that skeptics call the 2012 cult history (in america) taught that hitler was the forefather of propaganda but all he really do was create meth which has a bigger impact on today society than the holocaust. Quantum Mechanics is utter non sense to make things soooo complicated than they are that basic math is not acceptable and other variation not varible are implemented. It would be like me going outside and saying the sky is brown when its blue and we argue the point untill i say hey look in this instrutment its brown. It's literally bending numbers and perception it's either real; poportionant like a realistic painting or in quanta gough paintings are not real but have flavor of some truth but isnt true. which is gay(Gough is good but still gay in the example) i.e pions are gay and the gluons they stick to. how can we even begin to measure particle smashing in CERN like enviroments all over the world when they don't even reach the constant of light and then turn around and say there is another force called DE or DM aka “WIMPS” waiting and watching supernovas is more exciting then waiting from 0 to moment of catching this WIMP which is GAY and is Quanta which is just an overcomplicated way of manipulation math that is SOLID

      2. the idea is to just think. if it gave you a head ache then fragmented ideas spushed(not a real word but tangiable) together is not your forte. too much body not enough mind too much mind and not enough body. hitler was a pun for the propaganda that skeptics call the 2012 cult history (in america) taught that hitler was the forefather of propaganda but all he really do was create meth which has a bigger impact on today society than the holocaust. Quantum Mechanics is utter non sense to make things soooo complicated than they are that basic math is not acceptable and other variation not varible are implemented. It would be like me going outside and saying the sky is brown when its blue and we argue the point untill i say hey look in this instrutment its brown. It's literally bending numbers and perception it's either real; poportionant like a realistic painting or in quanta gough paintings are not real but have flavor of some truth but isnt true. which is gay(Gough is good but still gay in the example) i.e pions are gay and the gluons they stick to. how can we even begin to measure particle smashing in CERN like enviroments all over the world when they don't even reach the constant of light and then turn around and say there is another force called DE or DM aka “WIMPS” waiting and watching supernovas is more exciting then waiting from 0 to moment of catching this WIMP which is GAY and is Quanta which is just an overcomplicated way of manipulation math that is SOLID

      3. It's a riddle? A wordsearch puzzle?If I read it on its side, does it predict doomsday? Ouch, that just makes my headache worse.Nope, I still don't get why pions are gay. Why are pions gay?

      4. Wait, what just happened?Did, did I just get…..nevermind.What I have learned from this post:Hitler was a meth dealerMeth is worse than the holocaustThe sky is the color of my poopCERN is a personand!Math is a solid

    2. Oh look… it's post modernism with terrifying lack of grammar or spelling!I'm really not hung up on proper English. Hell, I make more typos than I should admit. But after a certain point, the lack of grammatical and spelling skills dissolves a reply into a muddled, incomprehensible mess.

      1. … with a terrifying lack of grammar or spelling!Still, I think my point stands because you can actually discern what I'm talking about.

  33. Alright, I stopped reading the comments after I got down the what 30th? Now I must say everyone who believes the earth will end is smoking something…heavy!Mayan Calendar: Some guy eventually ran out of spaces to put more dates on the calendar! Geez its one large circular calendar, how many dates can you fit on it!Ian, you did a great job with the article, all your articles. Now I must admit if something *magically* does happen it will be kindof funny/ironic, BUT nothing will happen. Its just the same as :”Y2K” and all other “doomsday” theories….Anyways we should be looking towards death by Apophis, in 2036 ;)(You know someone is going to look that up now…)

  34. Mr.O'Neill I thank you for this comments cause I got 2 kids 9 and 11 who just watch the 2012 saga and is very dificult for me,since I'm not a man of science(actually a painter)to try to convence them that everything will be ok,I don't think that this people realize the damage that they can cause,my kids are very depress and I very worry.It would really help if somebody ,enybody would point me to a direction where I can prove this people wrong .THANK YOU A VERY WORRY FATHER.

    1. Mr Vasquez,No one knows what is going to happen. Assure your children there is NOTHING to fear.Ian sweet read, thanks for your thoughts.

    2. I feel just like you, I'm an artist and I love my babies, and they are so scared. Their teachers for God's sake can't even answer their questions and they are 9 and 12. For whatever it's worth Aldo, maybe a vacation to Easter Island for Christmas 2012 would be in order??? God bring you peace, and peace to your children. I just tell mine to try to make all the difference they can, their entire lives, no matter how long or how short, that God says tomorrow is promised to no man, and we should live as WELL as we can until our final day meets us. Whenever that is. I just want them to have conviction about the way they treat others. Be good people. Love and respect everyone. It is very hard when youre a parent to sift through and find the actual scientific proof. Religion is an arguement, and like someone said above, can place to rest one theory, and another pops up immediately. I think what we both wish for, peace in the mind of our children, is something we have to provide them. Live every day to its fullest, try to remain positive through your fears, and above all, never ever leave anything unsaid. Tell them you love them, show them good examples… be better!Do well in your endeavors, all of you, none of us are at peace, ….”I'd like to teach the world to sing, in perfect harmony…. I'd like to hold it in my hands and keep it company”.

    3. Don’t let your children watch that kind of crap then and problem solved. It’s called setting rules and limits (a.k.a. parenting)

  35. If your path leads to disaster, accept the blind date uncensored defeat, find the root cause, fix the problem and adjust your thinking accordingly. You may have to work twice as hard to convince them of your next proposal's merit, but your integrity will be unquestioned.

  36. hi im 17 years old i have very bad scare attacksmy father says it cant be real but i still wonder..i mean why would the earth stop now?this has brought od back into my life i am very happy but still very scared…please anyone send me good reasons why this couldnt hoping its just vwery good change my email is please let me know

    1. There is a lot of malcontents on this world, in part largely due to the harshness of current economics and the reality of the cruel system we has humans have placed into service. Doomsday is like a sexual release for them. Freedom perhaps in some twisted fantasy.Not all 2012 scenario's are doom and gloom. Some suggest merely a chane in human consciousness. To leave behind the savage and greedy ways of the capitistic nature we adhere to now and possibly awaken to something truly more benevolent and pure.Do not dwell on the negative my young friend. Use your own consciousness to dwell on the positive aspects of existence. After all consciousness is energy and so it goes that energy cannot die apparently, it only changes form. (Needless to say in this fashion we are all immortal gods and have not to fear but fear itself)

  37. Ok If there is going to be a doomsday wht havent we done anything about it they are making movies. I dont understand why people believe the stuff in the bible. why believe somthing that people made up. if the world was really going to end there would be warnings and all of this stuff.i have no beliefe in any of this stuff. thank you for listening.

    1. The entire history of earth could be made up ? How is anyone to know. Much like George Orwells 1984 novel perhaps, what really is the truth ? For some odd reason people are more comfortable with lies than truth. You can expirience this every day in many situations for yourself. Wife asks “do these pants make me look fat?” …you lie. Silly example, but a fitting one. There will never be full disclosure or truth from any Government or Science department, and why ? Cause they don't know themselves what is the truth.

  38. Yes my friend you are quite right. Plz do not mind if i add something on to it that God Almighty says that “No one knows that when is the day of judgment but on this day the wrongdoers will suffer in the fire of hell.”(Surat Al-Ahzab) According to me this is all to gain the attention of people as people are terrified by such sayings. I would like to tell you that many such (fake!) prophecies had been made in the centuries (17 – 20) but all lead to the same that is NOTHING! So be relaxed cuz if you believe in God I bet even the whole universe can not harm you!

  39. Everything happens for a reason.Right! We are deprive of sight by gluttony (what evil incites such hatred and bitterness over humanity) Even if there's advances in Science, there are so many questions that can't be answered. If somehow in the coming years, is the end. Why live any longer?- To cause more suffering and bitterness! ( devastating earthquakes, record-breaking tsunamis, category 5 hurricanes, spiking global temperatures, war war) Some say; prophecies are just prophecies, a good novel or a sci-fi-movie. Well we will see if this is the end, at the least hour.

    1. Nothing happens just for some divine reason… things just happen. The statement that everything happens for a reason is only a psychological human statement to try and make sense of what we consider chaos to help try and wrap our minds around something since we are so far removed from nature and real intelligence these days in this current phase of human existence. What is going to happen if anything happens was going to happen if we were here or not. Some things we can manipulate and some things we cannot.

    1. Dear Mr. O NeilI have gone through your article. Its mind blowing and surely has a positive effect on eleminating the panic created by many articles,predictions & stupid astrology over the last few months. Your reasons are extremely scientifically approvable and practical. Afterall no Mayan calendar bullshit can overrule scientific reasoning.I remain thanking youAn Indian student(Science)

      1. You do realize science is also a lot of conjecture, it just so happens that 9 out of the 10 science guys voted yes instead of no for the theory. People like the Mayans were possibly a little more in tune with nature than your current average mall shopping TV hypnotized fool of the current world.

  40. What are the facts for 2012 ? What sites list actual scientific data without doomsday predictions ? Is the sun on it's 11th year polarity shift again as in 2002/03. Are we aligning up with the center of our galaxy ? Is the earth shifting it's own poles, are the water tables rising ? Are there actually super volcano's and fault lines ? Was the entire world one land mass at one point and over time broke off into these continents as we know them ? So many questions and no real data since everything is opinon and theory. Maybe the answer is posted on a memo inside the larger pyramid of Mars.

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