No Doomsday in 2012: The Reason Why Science Will Not Win

Why Planet X is not Nibiru...
Why Planet X is not Nibiru…

I’ve been busy compiling two new articles about the 2012 doomsday scenario. This time I’ve investigated why Planet X is not the same thing as the Sumerian planet “Nibiru”, and why a “killer solar flare” will not be possible in the year 2012. This brings the 2012 series up to its fourth edition, and the feedback has been very interesting. Probably the most important thing I want to emphasise about this whole 2012 prophecy stuff is that I am not trying to stamp on anyone’s beliefs. There are many reasons why 2012 may hold significant spiritual or religious meaning, and I am not disputing this in any way. I want to present the science facts, not the science “facts” that seem to overwhelm many of the end of the world scenarios. Alas, I suspect that I’m fighting a losing battle. I got it wrong, debunking the doomsayers who are doing this for financial gain are not concerned whether their evidence adds up, they are using one tool that I cannot influence. Fear.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m beating a dead horse. When planning the next 2012 article, I think “aren’t people getting a little tired of this?“, but then I scan the web to find another 2012 doomsday video on YouTube, another blog talking about the end of the world in four years time. Each one draws on the hysteria behind the possibility of mass death and destruction.

So I feel motivated again, I suddenly want to counter-argue these outrageous claims. This is why I posted two articles in quick succession in the last few days, one about Planet X (again) and another about a flare the Sun could never generate.

At the end of most doomsday trails there’s usually book for sale. In principal I have no problem with a publication based on factual claims (they don’t even need to be scientific), but when science is being moulded to fit in with doomsayers beliefs, that is when I feel anger. Fair enough, tell us why the Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world, tell us why the ancient Chinese foretold our fate, even pull out the Bible and tell us why the book of Revelation is “right on” (after all, the Bible talks about the “Great Flood”, why not predict the “Great Fire”?). All this I have no problem with, as long as it is based on facts.

Personally, I don’t believe it, and I don’t believe in prophecies predicting the future with any accuracy (prophets, after all, kept their predictions general, leaving us to fill in the details after the event). But these are my beliefs and opinion, I’m not going to go out of my way to prove, with science, that the Bible is wrong, that the Mayans didn’t have a clue, this would be me stamping on ground that shouldn’t be touched unless I were some expert in archaeology or mythology (all very fine and very interesting fields I might add).

So, when the likes of Marshall Masters compiles the complete works of the 2012 Planet X scenario in a series of videos and a book entitled “Surviving 2012 and Planet X,” is it little wonder people might be a little uptight. After all, this guy is a former CNN science feature producer; surely he checks the facts behind his publications? Unfortunately, all his years immersed in science didn’t teach him to verify the facts he claims to have such authority over. For more information on this, see “2012: No Planet X” and make a note on why the 1983 and 1992 “discoveries” cannot be the same thing (and this is just using the evidence Masters provides in his articulate rendition of the Planet X conspiracy!).

In response to this example (and others), I try to pull up the scientific reasoning behind all this hype. “Reasoning” is the operative word. It’s usually a case of grabbing at any science study that might fit and cannibalizing it to re-enforce a very bizarre theory.

So why do these Doomsday theories have such stamina? Surely people can see through the hype by now? Actually, this can be hard. On watching a History Channel documentary about the 2012 prophecies, I could see why people might be worried. Being from the UK, I haven’t experienced US docs quite like this. Between the powerful (and a little frightening) theme tunes, bright imagery and atmospheric cross fades of actors dressed as Nostradamus and ancient Chinese philosophers, this documentary felt more like a blockbuster movie than anything factual. I found myself thinking, “hold on, they might have something here, perhaps the world is going to end! What a fool I’ve been!”, but I quickly recovered and realised that is the power of these prophecies: Fear.

No amount of science articles or reasoning or logic can fight off the air of fear that surrounds the question “What if?” Doomsayers will continue to use this powerful ally to argue 2012 is the end, they will also use it to argue that 2013, 2020, 2030, and the year 3000 will be the end of life as we know it. And the worst thing is, the guys at the end of the doomsday trail will still be making money from book sales and there won’t be a thing science can do about it…

269 thoughts on “No Doomsday in 2012: The Reason Why Science Will Not Win”

  1. What seems to me as a simple plain reality without having to succumb to any prophecy or bible type fantasy is this… everything is under change, there is no absolute constant. As humans we are kinda simple in that we figure we are masters of all we see. Well, even in our short lives it is an endless change. From young to old to death. Why would anything be any different when planets and the universe are in question ? …it's probably only the scale of time that would differ. It does not seem impossible to me for a horrible disaster to be possible. The predicting of it takes some blind faith though… however the raw reality of existence is that change is always occuring for good or worse. If you look at the earth as a living thing and as us like parasites draining the earth of life, maybe it's as simple as the earth (like a human body) using ant-virus to rid itself of the destructive sickness. Many different ways to describe it or talk about it… bottom line without any leaps of faith is that change is inevitable.

    1. I would like to ask you a question. No malice intended. I'm just “ignorant” in the true sense of the word.Is there evidence that we are the 4th civilization of life? Is there evidence that advanced civilization like us existed in the past, and we are the 4th, and the 5th is about to begin? Is that true? I never heard of anyone finding a computer in the rocks??? So how is that true? Can you answer factually?Also, what does the Island of Rapa Nui have to do with the rest of the world??? Kind of bleak. What do the polarity of the rocks and the ancient crusted over or dead volcanoes have to do with anything. Do you think it has anything to do with the whole scenario? Why are the rocks they marked the island with of different polarity? Do you think that the volcanic rocks would somehow protect you if magnetism changed? Is it true that the human mind cannot sustain without magnetism, and that after 14 days the brain forgets everything back to infancy? Why do you think they (the ancients) referred to Rapa Nui as the naval of the world, and odd it was discovered on Easter Sunday, the belief to the Christian world that Life, not Death is our faith. That life is everlasting. That is the meaning of Easter right? And then I read somewhere that the 3 days of darkness following the poles shifting would be what killed most. Have you any evidence that a pole reversal would cause 3 days of darkness? And funny that December 21st 2012 is exactly 3 days before Christmas, which is the date of Christianities birth of Christ, God's son, sent to pay the debt for sinners. 3 days of darkness before Christmas, Western Civilization discovers island Easter Sunday??? The naval of the world??? Any truth scientifically to any of this? Do you see my direction? This is the only practical evidence I can find, and no one ever mentions any of it.Thanks for your help.

      1. well this aint in the bible..the resurection is which is suppose to happen 2000 years after jesus' last appearnce which we know as 33 bc..which means the most likely end date would be 2033 NOT 2012

  2. Im sorry but if there was an aned coming up then the government sould atleast be working on something for us to survive in and if they did build something like that the world would know because theyre going to need something really big and they wouldnt be able to hide it from us.

    1. Yeah right like the Government would spend money on something to save your ass, that is hilarious. Anyways, silly points aside, did it occur to you that if the world does indeed END anything they 'build' is gone too?

    2. Watch Jesse Ventura's 6 part special on youtube about 2012? That seems to be evidence that the government is preparing, just not for you and I.

  3. o'nielli agree with what you say . I am born in India , a country obssesed with myths , sprituality and religious inclinations. My resoning says its just a good way of earning mon ey by selling more stuff on doomsday . Its totally baselesss , i think thts how you can make money out of fantasies ………..Its just totally baseless. I think probably evangelists or church is funding all this mumbo jumbo . Its toatal crap . Guys , we should get a life . much more important things to accomplish than to watch or read stuff on this. Bye ,,,,,,,,,,,

  4. I am very please to hear that the world will not be coming to an end, because i have been very worried about it over the past few months and over those few months i have been trying to find hope and that i have. But what if this did happen? What would it be like? And do you think that the gorernment would even tell us untill last minute?

    1. I'm not a scientist, and so I don't know for sure. But i think that by 12/21/12, there will be signs… severe weather, etc…. I'm not sure the government will be able to hide it until the actual date, if they do have information, I'm sure it will become abundantly clear to the rest of us that something horrific is about to happen in the months prior to that date. But as I said, I don't know for sure, but I think we will have increased natural disasters, as are happening now in other regions.

  5. Sr. O' Neill:Su punto de vista, me parece bastante acertado. No es bueno dejarse llevar por la multitud; yo creo en Dios y asisto a una iglesia Cristiana Bautista, pero ello no me ciega en ver los hechos:a) Un planeta fantasma 'X' o 'Nibiru' o lo que fuere; no aparece de la nada se necesita de años para que se aproxime y no solamente la NASA u otro centro de Investigación Espacial estarian anoticiados, la magnitud de un planeta asi estaria visible mediante telescopios accesibles a varios centros de estudio a nivel mundial.b) Todas las profecias, calendarios, escritos y demás, estan siendo amoldados para coincidir con el año 2012; acaso no ocurrió lo mismo al desatarse la Segunda Guerra Mundial o la crisis de los Misiles en Cuba, donde se penso que el fin del mundo era inminente.Lo triste y real, es que es la humanidad y solo la humanidad misma esta creando su propio Apocalipsis (Doomsday), con la contaminación, el avasallamiento de los recursos, la violencia y todo lo que proviene por ello; no sera de extrañar que el fin del mundo llegue el 2012 o el 2021 o el próximo 2010 si la humanidad no reacciona.Dios ama a su creación y prometio no volver a destruirla con un cataclismo, pero la humanidad si puede generar ese cataclismo sino cambia.

  6. lol yeah but they are brilliant though. wish i would of come up with this i wouldnt be fighting to pay my bills. lmfao

  7. real cute – interesting you are decrying 2012 fiction and yet you are making a living cranking out extremely useless commentary of your own about it for a living. The Mayan calendar says “this timeline will end” and it is also the beginning of a new timeline. If you even work for this rag anymore and happen to read this, I suggest you do some research of your own before opening your yap. 2012 may not be the end, but it isn't so because you think so anymore than because of the trail of morons lined up to buy someone else's book think so.

    1. Yawn. If you think I make a “living” out of talking about 2012 on my blog you are seriously misinformed. Besides, why even respond to this “useless commentary”? How very sad.

      1. Anything can happen in 2012 its just unlikely that the world will end just because the maiyan calender ends dec 21st, if the maiyans predicted that the world will end in 2012 then how come they couldnt predict when their civilization would come to an end.

      2. I hope you won't think my questions to be useless…. Please answer them… If I don't find some peace somehow, I think my family will probably give up on me soon, as all I seem to do lately is cry.

  8. He will will come like a thief in the night!! None will know the Time of his Passing!! Remember your Bible. Just live for Christ and Deal with Armegeddon when it comes brothers and sisters.

  9. You are exactly right! Like some big ball of fire's going to come slap-bang in the middle of the Earth! I seen one thing the internet that everyone's satellite is going to stop working in 2008, and did that happen? NO! I think it's like eerything'll start over again.. 31st December *END* 1st January *START*. I honestly believe in your artical the most. Just becuase the Mayans believe that the worlds going to end in twenty twelve it doesnt necesserely mean its going to happen. Well thats my say…

    1. dear nodoomsday, I have a question. I just thought that something with mayans winter will end. I didn't think they thought the world was going to end. And i have a question 4 u. What happens when the plantes align, because they say thats what will end the world. And another thing, how will god come in the middle of the night because it might be night somewhere, but it will be day somewhere else?

  10. yaa i agree with u kenneth…their must be +ve reasons scientific or supernatural wat ever …to convince human dat the massacre does'nt take place….well till den ppl keep thier eyes on dat ddomsday or judgementday…all i can is dat juz wait and see the changes or adverse effects …

  11. Thank you, I have been so so worried about 2012, well, because i am only an 11 year old girl. Some people under-estimate me, i have been doing some serious research about all this doomsday crap, and try to explain to people that 2012 won't happen.The number one place i look is the holy bible. All these people on the discovery channel say that earthquakes will strike, all volcanoes will go off, and that 2 large tsunami waves will wipe out 95% of the earth. Well, i know that that water stuff won't happen because God said he would never again flood the earth, and he said that the world will end from fire. The Bible says this day will be called armageddon, not doomsday. No-body knows when the world will end, it says in the Bible. Back to my problem, I am still worried though because yet we have no proof that it won't happen. I really need to be talked to about all of this, i just need to calm down. I also try to tell myself that it wont happen, but yet i get signs that it will. The signs worry me because some people say i have a gift because i get a felling that something will happen and it usually does, and i haven't been wrong yet. My next door neighboor is in NASA, and said its all lies about 2012, but like i said i have a strange feeling.

    1. Sweetheart, this world is full of so much to fill your tiny mind with garbage. You should do your very best to live as well as you can. Find safety in your family. Try not to worry, try to live happy, and enjoy a child's life. Childhood is the greatest time of life. Have peace and security in knowing that there is never a time in your life that will be more happy and more peaceful than that of the time you are living now. When your parent's tell you that you are living the best years of your life now, belive them. You are. Enjoy every moment, learn as much as you can. Try to not fear things you don't know about. I'm so sorry for you that you have to live with all of this technology that not only educates you in your own level, but on one so much higher than where you should be.Make yourself a bucket list of all the things you would like to do in your lifetime, small and large, and try to do a new thing every day, no matter how small or large, and find peace in that sweetie. Try not to worry!

  12. Dear Mr O Neill, I am from India and want to express views that I feel strong. The people in our country mostly believe in God. Since being the place is based on KARMA theory all of us have belief of God and his miracles for re-birth of human in cycles. Our country still has not sufficient knowledge in the people to understand what is real. We experienced in our Local channels spreading the Doom's day Dec-21, 2012 in all and encouraged to live 'as you wish before the end'. This has brought a tremendous response in human life and everyone are behaving in a panic manner. Society itself turned into Barbaric state. More violence is spread in the minds of all expecting only onething “all will live for 3 years only”. Due to the reason the crimes are also increased in the society. we are facing several dreadful situations even in a small matter. People began to behave very careless and ir-responsible manner. The human values are going down. I expressed my observations from the part of India(southern side)

  13. Nostradamus said that there will be a president known as Nelson Mandela.HE was our south african president 1n 1994. nostradamus said this about 500 yrs ago.I THINK 2012 MIGHT ACTUALLT HAPPEN.iM NOT GOING TO WAIT FOR THE END IM GOIN TO PREPARE.PEOPLE CAN DIG MINES,TUNNELS DEEP ENOUGH FOR HUMANS TO SURVIVE. tHEY MUST GATHER ENOUGH FOOD, DRINK AND ENTERTAINMENT(MAGAZINES,books,cellphones ext.)Im really not gonna wait to die, I rather will not say THIS IS BULLSHIT.GOd is more powerfull than all of us and i think its time for us to go in 2012.I mean in the Bible it says the world will end in fire. I mean nostradamus saw hurracane katrhina and the tsunami in 2004 500 yrs AGO before it happend.

  14. I cannot say with any certainty that something will or will not happen that will have a devestating effect on our planet. I do feel it's prudent to be prepared though. I've lived my whole life in Hurricane country, do we always get hurricanes? do we always lose power/water?…no, of course not, but if I am prepared for that…if and when it does happen I am not at a loss.I feel we have a greater chance of nuclear war, or economic crisis that will be the undoing of our world because of how we vaule things than any 2012 doomsday.Not to metion our overpopulating the planet, abusing it's resources as if they'd be around forever (and a day). These things need closer attention paid to them right here, right now!

  15. This is true the doomsday is real or not because Im very scared and also is frieghtening.The the nasa says is not real because no prophecies in the year dec 21 2012.pls respond?

  16. Great article friend.. Though many people may think this way, they wont be courageous like you to post it in web.

    1. i think that it is all stupid, i mean the movie? and people believe that the world will end but if you google it, there are about 50 WAYS in the world will end. So people should really make there minds up… and if the mayans were such good predictors… why didn't they predict the year of the light bulb and all that. predict its a guess its not absolute sure. E.G i predict that in the i 2010 olympics that oh i don't know that switzerland will win(sorry if i spelt it wrong). IM GUESSING FOR AN EXAMPLE! And like a comment above i am also quite scared… but i believe in God and i will pray for it not to happen… and also like another comment above why would God let this happen to us? If you have seen Percy Jackson the girl says the Gods are angry at us. So maybe God is angry but he forgives everyone just as long as they reflect on there sins!

  17. i totally agree with what your saying and fear has proved a very useful tool as even religion use it to their advantage to control the way we behave i also find that a lot of these Domesday theories are indeed written by men of the cloth , may be just coincidence . even if it was true that the world was going to end we couldn't stop it , so why worry . the truth is everything comes to an end one day , nature proves it , all living things decay and expire . why should the earth be any different . we all have a personal doomsday any way , its inevitable that we are all going to die at most within 100 years of been born . nature is one big cycle like a clock and like a clock its constant . life and death a beginning and an ending to all physical things even entire solar systems are born and so expire eventually . nature is beyond our control so all take a chill pill and relax and enjoy life , you could be knocked over and killed tomorrow . it seems to me a lot of people look at dooms day because they cant cope with the reality of the world we live in . if these people want some thing to occupy them and change things for the better on a more positive scale they should try changing how we as a race treat one another by getting rid of the corrupt politicians etc etc . there's enough negative waves in the world made by the reality of life without adding to them on stories without scientific evidence . basically instead of wasting energy on something beyond your control focus it on something you can control .

  18. As a scientist, and a Christian, my take is that I wouldn't necessarily say that the Bible is wrong (it is full of metaphores and A LOT of things that can be indefinitely argued and interpreted), but it sure as hell (pun fully intended) doesn't give any specific dates in Revelations, so Armageddon could be a 5,000 year process for all we know.

  19. i think that all this is just a reason for the media. Until I have living proof thats it's all going to end I'm just going to keep living my life. I mean I'm only 15 and my girl has a baby on the way. I can't keep worring about it!

  20. people take too much interest in words……god informed us about this day and i feel we should enjoy life while we have father time and mother earth..its some sort of equation i came up with…call me names lol…the tree of life opened our eyes to curiosity..the ultimate sin…money, technology..what is japan working on…clones and much is America in debt, 300,000,000 dollars…soon it will be about control and china…a communist country…will take us soon..society will end soon, 2012 is a generality, it just aligns correctly..i know x is a clue…planet x,society x(where people don't care..come on who do you know that wants to be a scientist…i thought so)and the legalization of drugs…marijuana and ecstasy the party drug is on the rise..were doomed just get over it lol..its the most perfect math equation,symbol,god,story whatever just know somethings out there greater than us. i know i am going to get crackpot labeled on me but he tells us to find personal salvation i know i have mine.e-mail me if your just as interested as me and have nothing to do. Email

  21. I am young. Like 15, so please don't shoot me down.. but I was so scared for my life about this. I was almost sent to see a therapist. This is killing me. So, I decided instead of sulking about it, I will just search it. My dad bought me a book written by one of the mayan priests ( because apparently they still exist in mexico or something, just a very small amount of people ) and he clearly says at the beginning that when the calender ends, it does not mean the end of the world. It is the end of the world WE know. He said that the world will be more peaceful, if the priests can take all this negative energy away from some place and get it to southern south american instead? It gets confusing after that, because it's mainly their religious beliefs rolled into our FEAR. It is not the fact that the world is ending, rather the fear that consumes me. And the fear consumes people to hype this up. My parents say it's not going to happen, and in their life they have had this same thing happen at least 3 times ( some date being hyped as the end of the world date). So I doubt it will happen. But I am in my head scared to death. I just want to wake up on December 22, 2012 and be 100% ok. That's all i have on this subject. I don't have any scientific facts, but rather what a mayan priest wrote in a book. God smite me down if I am wrong, but I do not believe the world is ending in 2012.

    1. Jesus im 18 and tbh this is the most comforting thing ive read on this site 🙂 thanks for that! Whats the name of the book do you know? 😀

  22. This is the second site I've ever found that treats this subject with reason! It's all a bunch of garbage if you ask me, but just shows how easily people swallow anything fed to them. If you want a bit of a chuckle check out how treats it in a satirical newspaper!

  23. pppft a solar flare? ya right…its the chinese factories killing the atmosphere so more meteors will come and actually not burn up and mayan calendar restarts after 2012 but i think 2012 is the great flood because there is going to be like some super tsunami or something

  24. I'm actually excited! This would be so awesome if it were the End of the World! This would mean that God does exist. That there is something more than this. Sounds like a blast (no pun intended), so SIGN ME UP!Besides, this world is so freaking stupid anyway.

  25. bang on it this guy is spot on fear is the key it rules little minded people like the germans under hitler in ww2 and the americans againts the indians and the people under the british empire control is key and fear is a killer but its great really!!!

  26. Boy, i really hope your right. This 2012 stuff is scaring the living hell out of me. I have been reading on the websites people writing about them already buying themselves gas masks and stuff just to be able to have a chance to stay alive whenever 2012 comes. This Crap makes me not want to get a job and just stay home with my entire family until 2012 happens……!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not saying your wrong and im not saying the scientist or whoever predicted it is wrong. i just really really pray to god that it doesnt.

  27. Very well said. I only hope more people will jump off the Fear Train before they cause their own End of Days. There definitely are a lot of powerful 'signs' out there but do you really know how to read them? Who really knows what they mean? I've read several 2012 books and Conspiracy Theory books and frankly, I've had enough.As far as I'm concerned, those who Live by The Fear will Die by The Fear. I refuse to participate in more Drama.

  28. I Register peerless site yesterday that the embodies ordinal means a blacken hollow give notice personify produced, I frogot the grounds simply in that location constitutes NO-WAY it give the sack derive into our existence no more subject what! And in addition to, deity volition not aloow this to come about to humanity.

  29. look i dont no heaps about all this science stuff but scientists have predicted this stuff before and i like 2 believe that they will be wrong again people who like 2 believe this dooms day stuff should just keep it 2 them selves becoz people that r normal dont want to no that there gonna die in 2 years

  30. Hello Ian, embodies it assertable for the solid ground to follow described aweigh with the astronomical planer incoming 2012? I show on duty close to website, they lay claim more or less classify of blackness hollow at the concentrate on of the Galax urceolata leave be arrayed with the world. From what they enunciate, embodies that the blackened golf hole volition “towboat” on duty the solid ground inducing a perch chemise. Follows this possibility at whole allegeable, or is it different mode since these loosers to regulate fearfulness?

  31. bright imagery and atmospheric cross fades of actors dressed as Nostradamus and ancient Chinese philosophers has been represented in the movie.

    1. Let’s face it; everyone is little worried what will happen in 2012. Otherwise you wouldn’t post a thing here. The reality goes… we should be happy that we are here today who knows what will happen in couple of years. Do you personally think you’ll be here? Are you sure? Go celebrate, spend some time with your family, go ski, swim, dance or else but enjoy your life to your best!!!! Everyone came and will return…

  32. 2012 doomsday video on YouTube, another blog talking about the end of the world in four years time.Each one draws on the hysteria behind the possibility of mass death and destruction.

  33. Bright imagery and atmospheric cross fades of actors dressed as Nostradamus and ancient Chinese philosophers has been represented in the movie with better representation.

  34. Thats of course good idea, i read all your article and i really liked it. This is not a matter of joke, we cannot effort to fear all the people all around the world. Some Bhutanese students lost interest in study, thinking that we will be smashed by 2012. That isn't good idea, if it is fact also. despite many talk by great Buddhist saints, people tends to believe more in science. Imagine, which ruled the world first, science or a religion? Probably, the answer would be religion, rite? We got to learn from our ancesters if we are unable to digest this unbelievable words

  35. Mr O'neil,I reallly agree with you on all the points you make. This is the first time of site I've ever found that treats this subject with reason!

  36. Have you ever though about these ppl say those things about 2012 to cover something bigger ?

  37. they are too stupid and should go back to school and study from the beginning againI know what you mean no cheating ok

    1. in buddhist had already decleared about doomdayyou guys can go and ask any buddhist temply.I don't trust fucking stupid any other religionthank you

  38. Planet X scenario in a series of videos and a book entitled “Surviving 2012 and Planet X,” is it little wonder people might be a little uptight which is quite best to share out in the blog.

  39. 2012 is all fear based.People CAN say to THEIR god in their religon bible that,”the person in this one stated that a large disaster will happen in the upper years” Well DUH!!There is alwasy disasters and of course you will alwasy find people who will say stuff like that and because you can alwasy change things up a bit,and you have a “gut feeling” that this will happen. Of course you'll beable to find something in your bible that says a disaster will happen and thats because people a parinoid. People-You should pray to God.God is teh real God and IF the world ends in your life time you'll want somthing better than a firey death. And i know you have dougts in your religon becasue i haev gone into times when i had them to. And thats becasue Jesus is telling you to get up and be real with your self. And all you got to do is pray to him.And thinik this. *(and i know you have thought this before)My religon is fake. What else is there or of somesorts. Belie and love. And DON'T be scared when your saved-because you'll be safe.

  40. the world will note end nobody knows when or what time the world will end so shut up cause the world is not going to end duhh

  41. The likes of Marshall Masters compiles the complete works of the 2012 Planet X scenario in a series of videos and a book entitled Surviving 2012 and Planet X which is quite good to share out while there are many view's to be taken care of.

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