Astroengine Live Launches Today at 7pm EST

Today is the day.

The system is running, everything appears to be working as it should. The Astroengine Live satellite studio is ready to roll… all I need now is some content! (I’m only half joking!) I’ve got an awesome theme tune with some great, sultry voice-over audios by Selene (WPRT Radio Producer)… plus I have some awesome tracks lined up for you.

Today’s show will be starting at 4pm PST (7pm EST), right before your daily dose of Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack, so you have a big night of radio pleasure ahead of you!

To Listen Live:

Use your standard streaming audio player »
Or visit WPRT Radio for more information »

Contact Me:

Send any emails about any space/science related news to: and I’ll try to give it a mention!

4 thoughts on “Astroengine Live Launches Today at 7pm EST”

  1. I was wondering the same thing, I am hoping to be a listener but as I am from the UK the time difference is problematic, An MP3 would be great.

  2. Hi Dave, hi John!

    Unfortunately, my first show wasn’t recorded (I made a note of it in this post: – it was really sad. We had a minor technical issue at the start of Wednesday’s show, forcing me to restart the broadcast software. When I did this, I accidentally disabled the “record” function! It was a silly oversight, one that I hope not to repeat!

    In the future (assuming all technical problems have been ironed out!), all shows will be available as an mp3 and I’ll be sure to link to the show’s archive. I doubt I’ll host them on, they will more than likely be stored over at WPRT radio (as the bandwidth on my site might take a hit).

    So, starting with show #2, there will be mp3 archives made available soon after the show airs…

    Cheers 🙂


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