Astroengine Live Notes #1 (Nov. 19th)

Astroengine Live is officially launched!

If you were listening to last night’s show, you might have noticed the slight (8 minute) delay to the proceeds, but let’s just say Jack (my wingman, covering me from all angles at WPRT Radio) and I have uncovered a compatibility gremlin hiding inside Windows Vista. I’m not about to start a Vista-bashing tirade (as, in all honesty, this is the only “major” flaw I’ve come across in the last 10 months of using the OS), but it was annoying nonetheless.

However, I think we won in the end. Although the whole two hours were filled with my chatter about the International Space Station, Kuiper Belt Objects, lost space spiders and the awesome Spirit rover, the one thing I forgot to do was click the “record” button in the broadcast software… bummer. So Astroengine Live #1 will be forever known as the “Lost Show”…

So without further ado, here’s a brief rundown of some links of articles I discussed in yesterday’s “lost” episode:

You may have also noticed the awesome music I used in the production of the episode (don’t be shy, you loved it didn’t you?!). I’ve received a couple of messages wanting to know about the playlist (more so than the physics! I think I’m in the wrong business), so here you go, a list of the names and artists (in playlist order):

  • BT – Force of Gravity
  • Ferry Corsten – Galaxia
  • Yilmaz Altanhan – Eighties [Özgür Can Remix]
  • Dogzilla – Without You
  • Edun – Who’s Knockin’? [Ferry Corsten Remix]
  • Sasha – Xpander
  • Bedrock – Heaven Scent [Greg Downey Remix]
  • Oceanlab – Sirens of the Sea [Above and Beyond Club Mix]

I think I’ll be mixing this list up as the weeks go on, so I’ll try and post updated playlists.

Next week, I might be doing a recorded show as we are going to Las Vegas for Thanksgiving. However, through the powers of my little satellite studio, I might be doing the show in Nevada… now that will be interesting! I’ll keep you posted…

As I said during the show, I’d love to start showcasing “small institution news”. So if you know of any university/research projects that need some recognition, don’t hesitate in sending a link to In fact, send me anything space-related and I’ll see if I can get it on the show, possibly even write an article about it.

A huge thank you to the WPRT Radio team who made this possible; Jack (host of Paranormal Radio) for helping me out every step of the way, Jake for putting the time into constructing my awesome theme tune (based on The Crystal Method’s “High Roller”) and Selene for the sexy voice overs throughout my show. I’ve been given the A+ treatment and I hope I’ll return the favour by generating a decent Astroengine Live audience.

So! Back to the writing! See you all soon…

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