An Explanation for the Norway Cloud Spiral

The mysterious cloud spiral that appeared over Norway at 7.50am on Wednesday morning took the internet by storm. Every major news outlet was talking about it and Google Search was stuffed full of results.

Like with any unexplained phenomenon, the knee-jerk reaction of conspiracy theorists (and tabloid press, naturally) was that the beautiful blue-white glowing spiral was either of UFO origin (no, not of the “unidentified kind”, but of the “probing-alien kind”), top secret “energy weapon” origin, LHC origin (yes, the Large Hadron Collider black holes are back) or some other supernatural origin. Well, it would appear that only one of those options are partially correct.

All indications pointed to some kind of Russian naval military missile test (because, um, the Northern Fleet was carrying out missile tests in the White Sea at the time), and Doug Ellison, ace space 3D animator from, put together a demo of how the missile scenario might have played out in the above animation.

I was captivated by his first animation on the phenomenon that Nancy Atkinson presented in her Universe Today post on the subject, but this new animation shows how a failed rocket stage could spin out of control, spiraling fuel into the atmosphere.

Although it might be tempting to rush to the extraterrestrial reasons for the spiral, it would appear the missile scenario is the most plausible answer.

But… there’s a chance that it could have been a wormhole opening up from another universe, allowing the Annunaki to return to Earth ahead of their Planet X invasion force in 2012, but I’ll leave that theory for the doomsday wingnuts to mull over.

15 thoughts on “An Explanation for the Norway Cloud Spiral”

    1. But do the pictures or videos look like a rocket gone wrong? Hell yes!No one is denying that this amazing event isn't strange, it's phenomenal! The conditions had to be perfect for the spiral to form in this way, and the back lighting needed to be exactly right.But the most plausible explanation is the rocket explanation and all the evidence supports that.

      1. really whats the evidence? and no, you're unfortunately wrong. When you look at a 3 dimensional object from different angles, it will always look different as would the sky the plays the backdrop of the image/video. Our sky is not evenly/uniformly lit ESPECIALLY at night. Im not saying it has to be something that extraodinary, but it sure as hell ain't no missile. Russia's like, oh wait, yeah… we said it WASN'T us, but okay.

  1. I live near a US missile base, and I have witnessed dozens of tests of both Minuteman and Peacekeeper missiles. This is EXACTLY what this phenomenon looks like to me. When the upper stage separates, and a small amount of propellant or even trapped ice falls away, at that altitude, where there's no atmosphere, it can definitely spread out over a very wide area. If the moon or sun hits it “just right”, you'll see this kind of hazy cloud. There was one launch in particular, a MMIII, -they don't share whether there was a problem or malfunction – but just after MECO, we saw this huge circular haze pattern develop, and it expanded to cover about 1/4 the sky, lasted for about 30 minutes. When the upper-stage lit, there were rippling beams of light in this cloud. Very beautiful. (and ironic, knowing this thing could carry up to 3 MIRVs).With this Russian test, I'm certain that a spinning booster could have made this pattern; it would only take a very small amount of propellant to scatter tiny ice crystals like that. Over 100 miles, there isn't much of any atmosphere to contain them, they spread on individual ballistic trajectories. Remember, they're flying at like 3000 mph by that point.

  2. “The Spiral” (2009) Simulation (TM) ianeye com (c) 2009 Architect Mason… Spiral Prime Designer The Spiral (2009) IANEYE com Simulation (TM) Code of Life Key of Life Arcitect Mason Valley of The Sun Under the Moon Holographic Morning Star The Spiral (2009)

  3. Must have been some rocket to spiral so long for so perfectly. For an erratic failed missile it sure made a perfect spiral, what are the chances of that? Then somehow it opens a giant “black hole”, all the while the green trail is intact. Doesn't sound like a failed missile. Then again maybe it was a missile that didnt fail.

  4. You know, my first thought was its probably swamp gas or maybe one o' them hotair weather balloons. 'bout scared the life outa me, being all beautiful an' otherworldly. glad those guvment types that we trust so much was able to explain it down to the last detail. All the missles bein' shot off, why this must be a regular occurance. 'splains all the other pics we've seen like this over the years.

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  6. Farkeling-A; Wingnuts indeed! Seems like everytime something unusual happens, the whole horde of rusty wanged out wingnuts, pop out of their own black hole continuum, warp streak trying to convince ordinary, reality minded folks with sound knowledge to make relevant decisions of doomsday, that all the LHC wormhole destruction, conspiracies and a lack of missed-hinge-enated, looky-loo balderdash worthy of nothing more than a humorous snort and shake of the head at the shenanigans of less well informed geeks is all thats required to put things into perspective. when youor a kid, you act like it, Hey kids, leave that science alone! a little Pink here to lighted the tone of my comentry. It is truly all in fun anyway. have a go at it mates.

  7. it is actually quite likely that a malfunctioning rocket would result in a perfect geometric expression. previous posters are correct, with no atmosphere each particle follows its ballistic course unhindered. with no tether and a great deal of velocity in one direction it is possible that an uncontrolled jet could balance out to a rotation around the present trajectory. BTW did you know that scramjets leave a diamond shaped puff of smoke? maybe we ascribe meaning to patterns for the same reason that they are naturally occurring, they are and expression of the organization of matter into various stable positions

  8. Remember pinwheels during fireworks celebrations? They were attached to a tree. What was the space junk attached to? 
    Can you send me some sites of rockets spiraling out of control in a perfect circular formation. I would love to see this for the first time and pass it onto some friends of mine.

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