Epic Mars Rover Curiosity Video of the “7 Minutes of Terror”

This video has been doing the rounds, so I posted it on Discovery News on Tuesday. My favorite comment from a reader was: “I need a clean pair of shorts.” That means only one thing; it’s time for some epic NASA-created CGI of the entry, descent and landing (a.k.a. “EDL”) of the Mars Science Laboratory “Curiosity” set for landing on the Red Planet on August 5 at 9:30 p.m. (PST). To be honest, the video speaks for itself, so I’ll hand over to EDL Engineer Adam Stelzner (who really needs his own TV show — love his monolog).

3 thoughts on “Epic Mars Rover Curiosity Video of the “7 Minutes of Terror””

  1. “Gnarly as hell” seems a bit ‘over’ but when you consider how much that thing costs and know that you’ve only got one chance with millions of our dollars, probably much more gnarly for them than for us watching.

      1. Thanks a lot! I’m hoping it might enthuse me to write more for Astroengine — I moved the whole installation from a dedicated server to WordPress.com. Will hopefully free up some time in site maintenance! 🙂

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