Sci-Fi Romance and the Carnival of Space Love

WALL-E, the best animated-sci-fi-robot-romantic-comedy of all time (yep, I teared up at the end)

WALL-E, the best animated-sci-fi-robot-romantic-comedy-adventure of all time (yep, I even teared up at the end).

I couldn’t resist. As it is the day of romance, love and *pinging* cash registers, I thought I’d post a special Astroengine commentary of Valentines Day. Everyone is doing it; the Google logo is loved up, the news websites are buzzing about it, even the blogs seem to be obsessed with relating their craft with the desire for some romance (even this week’s Carnival of Space over at 21st Century Waves is “doing it”), so here’s some random Valentine’s Day paraphernalia for your reading pleasure…
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Carnival of Space Week 88 – The Spacewriter


Want to know what’s been happening in the Universe this week? Get over to Carolyn Collins Petersen’s space and astronomy blog (a.k.a. “The Spacewriter”) for a SUPERB Carnival of Space. I’m not entirely sure where to start for week 88, there’s so much to choose from! In fact, looking at the number of entries, I’d say this is one of the largest turnouts so far. Wow, there’s a lot of science writing going on!

From Carolyn’s well-crafted peek into the space blogosphere, here’s a tiny fraction of articles that caused a derailment to my plans for getting any work done this afternoon (plus my first reaction, in a word):

21st Century Waves (Bruce Cordell): Long Waves and the Future of Human SpaceflightWow

Centauri Dreams (Paul Gilster): A Workable Fusion Starship?Whoosh!

Space Video of the Day: Announcement by Pres. Regan after the Challenger disasterMoving

Mang’s Bat Page (David Gamey): How You Could Pilot a Space Telescope (Upside Down)Shiny!

Simostronomy (Mike Simonsen): Aperture FeverObsessed!

The Martian Chronicles (Ryan Anderson): The MOC “Book”: IntroductionInsightful

Starts With A Bang! (Ethan Siegel): Supernovae and Dark Energy: Part IIAha!

There are loads more where that came from, so get your bums down to The Spacewriter and enjoy!

From, I submitted my musings about the secret payload on that Delta IV Heavy… just why are clandestine launches so damned sexy?

Carnival of Space Week 86 – The Martian Chronicles


After a week’s rest, the Carnival of Space is back, in force! Loads of entries this week from Ryan at The Martian Chronicles; everything from the Mars methane fuss, man in space, black holes and (lets not forget) the buzz about the possibility of a holographic Universe. This week, from, I entered the great news that Peter Higgs has discovered his very own Higgs boson (you’ll have to read the post if you want to know what I’m going on about!).

So, get over to The Martian Chronicles so you can find out what’s hot and what’s not in the space blogosphere! (Did I really just say that?)

Carnival of Space Week 84 – Next Big Future

Venus surface elevation map

Venus surface elevation map

Superb! Possibly for the first time ever, an article features at the top of page for the Carnival of Space! Nice. It’s more than likely luck, but I really appreciate Brian Wang reading and posting my article about the Space Exploration Crisis. As it turns out, there are a few blogs that are concerned about the recent NASA turmoil, and the pressure will be on President-elect Barack Obama to enact some changes…

So, this week, be sure to check out week 84 of the Carnival of Space at Brian Wang’s Next Big Future. There are loads of space news articles from all over the web, in fact each CoS seems to be getting bigger and bigger; compiling all the submissions from the space blogosphere is no easy task. However, Brian did a great job this week, and I’ll be sure to give a rundown on some of the entries that caught my eye during Wednesday’s Astroengine Live

Carnival of Space Week 83 – Astroblog

Yes, I know it's upside down, but this is how Mars looks from Australia... really

Yes, I know it's upside down, but this is how Mars looks from Australia... really

Fresh from the land down under Ian Musgrave presents the Antipodian edition of the Carnival of Space. It’s a strange experience, and my caffeine-addled morning brain had a hard job understanding what was going on. But why are all the pictures are upside down? I pondered for a few seconds… Ah, now I get it, Ian lives in Australia! Fortunately I didn’t embarrass myself by sending him a message, advertising my sleep-deprived state. This got me thinking, if I host the Carnival, do I need to tilt all the images 56°… left? I might just do that next time and confuse Mr Musgrave with my SoCal edition of the Carnival… or, perhaps, I need to get back to bed…

So, enough of the rambling, get over to Astroblog for a superb Carnival, with loads of superb posts from the world of space blogging!

Carnival of Space Week 82 – Space Disco

For this week’s Carnival, we are in for a visual delight! For the first time, we have a video stocked full with the weekly run-down of what’s new, fresh and interesting across the entire space blogosphere. Your host this week is my friend Dave Mosher, producer of Discovery Space and blogger for the excellent Space Disco. Being superbly organized, Dave works through a huge number of blogs and includes a transcript of his videofied Carnival. A great, entertaining 3 minuites and 9 seconds, with a peek into Dave’s home in New York.

Dave has raised the Carnival of Space bar very high… I wonder who can top it? I have one idea on how it could be done, but I’ll save that until I get my turn of being host again (although that might be some time…).

But for now, jet over to Space Disco and enjoy. From, I included my thoughts on the Mars Science Laboratory and why NASA might not be on the correct track

Carnival of Space Week 81 – Tiny Mantras

For this week’s “Happy Thanksgiving” Carnival of Space, we jet over to the excellent Tiny Mantras website, hosted by Tracy Zollinger Turner. Be sure to check out all the space blogosphere has to offer; everything from buried glaciers on Mars, Shuttle Endeavour’s STS-126 space station “home improvements” mission, using Uranus as a source of energy, to Astroengine’s musings about whether the “search for life” is a worth-while cause. Be sure to check it out, there’s way more cosmic goodness where that came from!

Enjoy! Cheers, Ian