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In an attempt to hard-wire and Astroengine Live! to the complex web of social websites out there, I’ve created an Astroengine Live! Facebook group. Although Facebook seems to eat time, I wanted to give my little radio show a boost in popularity. As I have so many friends on the social site, it seemed logical. However, a big thanks goes to my good friend Avi for showing me the powers of social websites, I don’t think I would have pushed into the world of Twitter, Digg or Stumble Upon if it wasn’t for his motivation.

I’ve always seen social networking/bookmarking sites as “timewasters”, but when used correctly, you can gather information in a very efficient way. In turn, you promote yourself, simply by socialising. A great tool.

So, be sure to visit my Facebook group for Astroengine Live, and I’ll be sure to maintain it to bring you all the show news and updates. The group will also give you an additional opportunity to provide feedback (i.e. if you find me boring one Wednesday evening, you can give me a good telling off…)

Note: Have a look to the right of this post, and you’ll see a few social websites I use most frequently. Be sure to check me out and give me a tweet, shout, email, message, text, thumbs up or a vote when ever you like 😉


Astroengine Live #3: The Search for Life, What’s the Point?

Listen to Astroengine Live, today at 4pm PST (7pm EST).

Today’s Astroengine Live was going to be devoted to a discussion about the search for extraterrestrial life in the Universe, but the alien amoeba will have to make room for some news from the entire space blogosphere in this week’s Carnival of Space, plus a bonus look into the world of space tourism. Yesterday (Tuesday), I had the superb opportunity to attend XCOR’s press conference in Beverly Hills where a new partner was announced, my colleague Angela and I had a chat to a Shuttle astronaut and we found out a little more about the future of “cheap” (if you have $95,000 in your piggy bank that is) access to space.

So, tune in to WPRT Radio at 4pm PST to get your weekly dose of Astroengine Live!

Get Involved!

Is the search for extraterrestrials really worth it? How would mankind benefit if aliens were discovered? Have an opinion? Email me on and I’ll be sure to give you mention. Eventually, I hope to have telephone call-ins, but for now, email will do. For your reference, check out my article: The Search For Life, What’s the Point?. Feel free to comment on any points raised…

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Addendum: Astroengine Live Email Address

Woops, it looks like I’ve been quoting the incorrect email address for my Astroengine Live radio show. Disregard the contact email address I have been quoting and update your address books with

So, huge apologies for that, if you have sent any tips/research/articles/questions to any other email address apart from, I probably haven’t read it. So please re-send it to this correct address.

Remember, my live show will commence on Wednesday at 7pm EST (4pm PST) for it’s third episode! I will post an update later in the day about the content of the show.

If you have anything you want me to read/investigate/shout out on air, feel free to email me on and I will be sure to give you a mention.

Thanks and sorry again for the wrong address–it seems the tech gremlin that hit my laptop on my first show has crept into my brain too, hence the correction!

Hopefully speak to you soon!

Cheers, Ian

Listen to Astroengine Live Today at 4pm PST

On Tuesday night I was resigned to the fact that episode #2 of Astroengine Live would be more Astroengine Recorded Yesterday.

The original plan was to drive to Las Vegas to spend Thanksgiving with family, heading out today. Therefore I’d miss doing Astroengine Live and I was working to record the show on Tuesday. All was fine… until it rained. Two hours later, the meaty storm hadn’t passed and we began getting newsflashes that it’s not a good idea to be driving anywhere, let alone 5 hours cross-state! So we decided an early morning road trip on Thursday might be a better plan.

So, Astroengine Live is back on and we’ll still make it to Vegas on time to eat turkey!

Tonight’s invigorated show will have a variety of space news and indepth topics of interest (with an extra special focus on the space blogosphere), so be sure to tune in to WPRT Radio at 4pm PST (7pm EST or midnight GMT)!

Listen to Astroengine Live!

If you listened to episode #1, you probably noticed a few technical glitches my end. Since then, I’ve slapped Windows Vista around a bit to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again. We will be in for clear airwaves and a show stacked with space science goodness, even if it is pouring outside. This time, I will actually record an archived version of the show…

As always, send me your titbits of news, especially if you find any small institution research you think I’d like. Fire an email to: and I’ll try to feature your stuff!

Cheers, Ian

Astroengine Live Notes #1 (Nov. 19th)

Astroengine Live is officially launched!

If you were listening to last night’s show, you might have noticed the slight (8 minute) delay to the proceeds, but let’s just say Jack (my wingman, covering me from all angles at WPRT Radio) and I have uncovered a compatibility gremlin hiding inside Windows Vista. I’m not about to start a Vista-bashing tirade (as, in all honesty, this is the only “major” flaw I’ve come across in the last 10 months of using the OS), but it was annoying nonetheless.

However, I think we won in the end. Although the whole two hours were filled with my chatter about the International Space Station, Kuiper Belt Objects, lost space spiders and the awesome Spirit rover, the one thing I forgot to do was click the “record” button in the broadcast software… bummer. So Astroengine Live #1 will be forever known as the “Lost Show”…
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Astroengine Live Launches Today at 7pm EST

Today is the day.

The system is running, everything appears to be working as it should. The Astroengine Live satellite studio is ready to roll… all I need now is some content! (I’m only half joking!) I’ve got an awesome theme tune with some great, sultry voice-over audios by Selene (WPRT Radio Producer)… plus I have some awesome tracks lined up for you.

Today’s show will be starting at 4pm PST (7pm EST), right before your daily dose of Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack, so you have a big night of radio pleasure ahead of you!

To Listen Live:

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Contact Me:

Send any emails about any space/science related news to: and I’ll try to give it a mention!

What Would You Do with the International Space Station?

The International Space Station (ISS) is the epitome of human ingenuity. Through the collaboration of seven space agencies (representing 17 nations), the modular orbital outpost has been undergoing construction since 1998 and it is projected to be completed in 2011. By 2016, the ISS is expected to be retired.

The ISS has proven itself to be a long-term answer for manned habitation in space, where astronauts and cosmonauts are able to enjoy the relative comfort the spacious modules provide, often up to six months at a time. A vast array of experiments have been carried out on the station; from studying effects of weightlessness on the human physiology to understanding how plants and animals evolve in a microgravity environment; from observing the human impact on Earth’s environment to studying zero-gravity fluid dynamics. Pretty much every discipline has been investigated.

All of the experiences on the ISS go toward understanding how mankind can function in space, helping us understand where we fit into the Solar System. The work being carried out by the various expeditions being flown to the station will all be used when we make the great push to the Moon, Mars and beyond.

This all sounds amazing, but is it worth it? Is the ISS really living up to all its expectations? After all, the ISS will be bypassed if we do eventually make the trip the Moon (if the ISS hasn’t already been retired by then), it has never been a “stepping stone” beyond Earth orbit. Also, has the ISS done anything different? Surely other space stations such as Mir and Skylab aided mankind’s study on how zero-G affects the human body, how many biological tests do we need?

Astroengine Live Discussion
I am interested as to what people have to say about this issue. Is the ISS a worthy endeavour, worth the billions of dollars ploughed into it every year? Or should the station be re-vamped? Perhaps there is another application for the ISS beyond carrying out microgravity experiments in orbit?

For Astroengine Live on Wednesday 19th November, I will allot some time to discuss the International Space Station purely to talk about your views on the subject.

What would you do with/on the space station?

Feel free to leave your answers/discussion below (or email me) including your name/alias and I’ll include your opinion in Astroengine Live’s debut show this Wednesday, starting at 7pm EST (4pm PST).

(Information on how to listen in/phone in to WPRT Radio will be coming soon…)

Astroengine LIVE Touches Down on WPRT Radio! is about to branch out into the world of radio…

Starting on Wednesday 19th November at 7pm EST (4pm PST, or midnight GMT), I’ll be hosting my own weekly talk show called Astroengine Live! The show will air for two hours where I will discuss all the best space news, including views, opinions, phone-ins and special guests. If you want to find out everything from the next NASA mission, the status of the International Space Station, progress with the Large Hadron Collider to breaking news from small research institutions around the globe, then Astroengine Live is for you.

Ultimately I want Astroengine Live to work in harmony with, expanding the reach of the radio world into the vast resources available online. Because of this, all schedules, episode content and additional on-air information will be available through, directing you to the category “Astroengine Live” on this website.

I will announce show specifics closer to Wednesday’s debut, but in the meantime, you can check out the new home of Astroengine Live at WPRT Radio, also the home of Paranormal Radio with Captain Jack!

Cheers, Ian

PS. I’m also getting my own theme tune… now that is the icing on the cake!

Tonight’s Paranormal Radio Show Postponed

Tonight for my monthly Paranormal Radio slot, Captain Jack and I will be having a discussion about the threat of asteroids and comets to the Earth. It’s not a question of if we’ll get hit by an extinction-level event, it’s a question of when

Due to technical problems with the “voice of darkness” in the depths of Texas, tonight’s show about asteroids and interplanetary shooting galleries will have to be postponed for a couple of days. I hope it’s got nothing to do with those damn aliens or 2012 activists… Anyhow, for some reason Jack had to drive to Dallas, breaking all sorts of land-speed records, to buy a server…?!

Watch this space, I’ll update you with news as I get it…

In the mean time, check out the breadth of news items about space, politics, conspiracies, big foot and ghostly happenings at WPRT Radio

Listen to the October 3rd Paranormal Radio Show

Back on Friday October 3rd, I was invited back onto Paranormal Radio in my new capacity as “Science Content Editor“! (Or an even cooler title “In-house Myth Buster” if Jack has his way!) This is a really great position as I get to add all things spacey to the Paranormal Radio website, and then I get to chat about it later live on the radio with the excellent Captain Jack. A pretty nice position to be in if you ask me… However, on that Friday two weeks ago, I had very little to talk about. After all, I’d just gotten married and I had just said goodbye to my family who headed back to the UK. I’d missed most of the excitement surrounding the Chinese spacewalk, I very nearly missed the historic SpaceX launch… but fortunately Jack had some questions for me about “Dark Flow” and he introduced me to the whole China spacewalk conspiracy and we were away!

If you fancy listening into the cool three-hour show, it is now available by mp3 or you can have a play with the Black Vault Radio Flash player to listen in to my show (which now has a monthly slot) and all the other nightly shows with Captain Jack.

We have some interesting future shows in store for you! Watch this space for announcements on when we air each month…